Aquatuff Fast Dry Floor Paint For Heavy Duty Industrial And Domestic Concrete Metal Garage Floor Paint

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Aquatuff Fast Dry Floor Paint For Heavy Duty Industrial And Domestic Concrete Metal Garage Floor Paint  

  • Industrial and domestic concrete and metal floor areas including power floated concrete after abrading or acid etch and seal has been applied 


  • Airless spray, conventional spray, brush, roller

Drying Time:

  • @20’c 1 hour  touch dry
  • to fully use area 9 hours (foot traffic) 24 hours for full threw cure
  • over coating minimum 6 hours

Technical Data: 

  • Volume solids 52% d.f.t 45 microns (1 coat)
  • theoretical spread rate 10 sq.mtrs/ltr

Standard colour Range:

  • Red, black, green, grey, yellow, white
  • other colours are available on request full ral/b.s range
  • race team or business logo colour matching no problem


  • For most types of floors including powerfloated and bitumen type areas after correct surface preperation has been upheld for metal,concrete,wood,stone and brick areas.
  • This is a long lasting extreamly durable type of coating with a user friendly application unlike its 2pack cousin this type of product gives you all the benifets of a 2pack product,hard cure but it will not limit you to a cure time this product can be used resealed and used again,it is also animal and child safe,we have a large list of executive clients around the globe and they recommend only our product be used in the mega plants and warehouses 
  • Aquatuff water based floor paint has been formulated for outstanding resistance to various types of spills i.e oil’s,petrol,diesel,greases,lubricants,water and cutting agents,this coating also possesses good wear resistance to stasionery tyre scrub and scuff marks from heavy plant and tools
  • The advantages of this new and advanced aquatuff floor paint are that it is a high build approximately 90-100 microns thickness percoat witch is double the thickness of most standard type floor paints and in fact a similar thickness to a good waterbased epoxy product,it is very easy to use single component product,fast drying-touch dry in under 2 hours (20’c)and is ready to use on in under 12 hours 

1. Aqua Tuff is a durable 1 part waterbased epoxy (type) coating that is formulated to provide a tough concrete seal against chemical penetration (including brake fluid) and physical deterioration of existing concrete. 
2. Penetrates concrete to improve adhesion and provide maximum bondability of finish topcoat. 
3. Available in Grey, White, Red, Black, Blue, Green, Brown.
4. Designed as a sealer and top coat for concrete floors in facilities such as hospitals, schools, nursing homes, commercial buildings or industrial plants. where the presence of solvent odors and/or flammability problems would normally prohibit the application of a solvent coating.  
5.Highly recommended for all automotive services applications. 
6. No offensive odor or volatile toxic solvents. 
Low VOC. 
7. Cuts installation time - no need to wait for concrete to completely dry. 
8. One or two coat coverage 
9. Simple to use - all components are with in the product, just mix and apply. 2 year pot life if sealed. 
10.Reduces floor prep costs - can be applied with a minimum of preparation. 
11.Cleans up with just soap and water. 
12.Provides a tough finish that protects against dust, dirt, water, acid and alkali cleaners, alcohol, skydrol, even brake fluid. 
13.Good Resistance to Brake Fluid 
14.Resistance to Salts 
15.Excellent Resistance to Solvents 
16.Excellent Resistance to Oils

Aquatuff Fast Dry Floor Paint For Heavy Duty Industrial And Domestic Concrete Metal Garage Floor Paint


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