Bond Breaker Tape For Sealants

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Bond Breaker Tape For Sealants
Bond Breaker Tape is a type of tape used in construction and sealant applications to prevent the adhesion of sealants or adhesives to specific surfaces or substrates. It's typically used to create a separation between two surfaces that are being sealed to allow for proper expansion and contraction without the sealant bonding to both surfaces. Here are some key points about Bond Breaker Tape:

Purpose: Bond Breaker Tape serves as a barrier or release material to prevent the bonding of sealants, adhesives, or coatings to certain surfaces, such as concrete, wood, metal, or other materials.

Materials: Bond Breaker Tape is usually made from materials like polyethylene, polypropylene, or other low-friction materials that are easy to release. It often has a smooth, non-adhesive surface.

Construction Joints: In construction, it is commonly used to prevent the adhesion of sealants between building components like concrete slabs, walls, and windows. This allows these components to move independently while maintaining a water or air-tight seal.
Expansion Joints: Bond Breaker Tape is also used in expansion joints where it prevents the sealant from adhering to the sides of the joint, ensuring it can expand and contract as needed.
Curtain Walls: It can be applied in curtain wall systems to separate the sealant from the structural elements and cladding.
Types: Bond Breaker Tape comes in various types and sizes to suit different applications. Some types may have additional features like UV resistance or compatibility with specific sealants.

Installation: When using Bond Breaker Tape, it's crucial to ensure proper surface preparation and application. The tape should be applied to one of the surfaces before sealing or adhering, and it should be free of wrinkles or gaps.

Compatibility: Ensure that the Bond Breaker Tape you choose is compatible with the sealant or adhesive you plan to use. The manufacturer's recommendations and guidelines should be followed.

Removal: Bond Breaker Tape is designed to stay in place to maintain the separation between surfaces. If removal is necessary, it should be done with care to avoid damaging the underlying surfaces.

Effectiveness: Using Bond Breaker Tape correctly is essential to prevent bonding, which ensures the longevity and effectiveness of the sealant or adhesive application.

Bond Breaker Tape is a valuable tool in construction and sealing projects, as it helps maintain the integrity of sealant bonds while allowing for necessary movement between surfaces. Always consult the product's specifications and manufacturer guidelines for specific usage instructions.

Bond Breaker Tape For Sealants


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