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Platinum cured moulded silicone rubber sheets, 60° shore hardness as standard (other material hardnesses and grades are available on request). These sheets are available in a range of colours, and are platinum cured to prevent yellowing and ensure they maintain their excellent aesthetic qualities throughout their long life.

Silex Platinum Cured Silicone Rubber Sheets are produced from high quality grades exhibiting good transparency and mechanical properties. They contain no peroxide curing agents and are generally used where peroxide bi-products need to be avoided.

The Sheets are properly postcured to comply with the requirements of FDA, BfR and EU 1935/2004 food contact regulations. The base material used is also specified to USP Class VI* and again postcured sufficiently to meet this requirement.

Applications include, but are not limited to seals, gaskets, strips and fabrications in pharmaceutical, medical and potable water industries.

Colour matching, special colour effects and a range of material grades are also available on request. Please contact us.

*It should be noted that Silex Platinum Cured Sheet is usually coated with an FDA grade of talcum powder so please contact us for more information about talc free options if total compliance to USP Class VI is required.

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