PVC Anti Static Foam Matting Linear Metre

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PVC Anti Static Foam Mattingis a cushioned, conductive / anti-static PVC foam matting formulated to absorb static electricity. Ideal for office and workplace environments eliminating the risk of static electricity passing from worker to sensitive equipment and preventing damage occurring. Fully tested to EOS/ESD association draft discharge susceptible items/work surfaces.

  • Good anti-fatigue characteristics
  • Attractive ”pebble’ finish
  • Low maintenance
  • Good non slip properties
  • Easy to clean and hygienic
  • Excellent durability & resilience
  • Also available in bespoke cut parts.

Sold In Linear Meter

Our PVC Anti-Static Foam Matting is a groundbreaking solution for industries where electrostatic discharge (ESD) poses a significant risk to both personnel and sensitive equipment. This advanced mating system is meticulously engineered to safeguard your work environment against static electricity and its detrimental effects.

Electrostatic discharge can damage electronic components and sensitive machinery, leading to costly replacements and downtime. Our PVC Anti-Static Foam Matting is the right answer to these concerns. The mat is formulated with premium-quality PVC foam that exhibits exceptional anti-static properties. Its unique composition dissipates static charges, preventing accumulation and discharge harmfully.

We understand that every industry has distinct requirements. Therefore, our PVC Anti-Static Foam Matting is available in various sizes, with the option to purchase it by linear meter. This flexibility ensures that you can get the precise dimensions you need to cover your workspace adequately.

Moreover, the cushioned foam construction of the mat provides additional benefits. It offers anti-fatigue properties, promoting employee comfort during prolonged standing hours. By reducing strain on the legs and feet, it helps maintain a healthier and more productive workforce.

PVC Anti-Static Foam Matting excels in a wide range of environments. Whether you work in an electronics manufacturing facility, laboratories, clean rooms, or data centers, this mat is up to the task. Its hard-wearing PVC material guarantees exceptional durability, making it a long-term investment in your workplace.

Slip-not.co.uk prioritizes safety. Our PVC Anti-Static Foam Matting adheres to the highest industry standards for electrical resistance and fire safety. You can rest assured that your personnel, equipment, and processes are well-protected.

Installing our PVC Anti-Static Foam Matting is easy. Simply roll it out and cut it to fit your workspace. It also requires minimal maintenance, making it a hassle-free addition to your operational setup.

Invest in the ultimate electrostatic protection solution. Equip your workspace with our PVC Anti-Static Foam Matting today and experience unparalleled safety, comfort, and productivity. Don't let static electricity jeopardize your operations—let us help you safeguard your investments and personnel with our top-tier matt solution.

PVC Anti Static Foam Matting Linear Metre


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