Double Sided White PVC Film Tape Roll

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Double Sided White PVC Film Tape Roll
High adhesion and very good bonding strength, even to low surface energy materials
Immediate functionality of the laminated bond due to excellent initial tack
Light and aging-resistant acrylic adhesive for long-term applications
Very good plasticizer resistance
Good conformability for good adhesion even on rougher surfaces due to the PVC backing

Type:it is a double-sided tape, meaning it has adhesive on both sides.

Color: The color of it may vary, but it is often white or off-white.

Adhesive: It typically features a strong adhesive on both sides designed for reliable bonding.

Backing Material: The backing material is part of what determines the tape's properties, and it may be made of materials like polyester or similar.

Thickness: The thickness of tape can vary, and it's often chosen based on the application requirements.

Applications: This type of tape is commonly used in various applications such as mounting lightweight objects, bonding materials in industries, or other applications where a strong, double-sided adhesive is needed.

Mounting: Thick, double-sided tape is often used for mounting objects, such as posters, signs, or lightweight objects, on walls or other surfaces.
Crafts and DIY projects: It can be used in various crafting and do-it-yourself projects where a strong, hidden bond is required.
Industrial applications: Thick double-sided tapes are used in some industrial settings for mounting materials or components.

Double Sided White PVC Film Tape Roll


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