External Industrial Cable Protector 10 Metres

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Protect your valuable cables against damage from vehicles or pedestrians with a resilient External Cable Protector. They are suitable for all weights of a vehicle so can be placed in building sites, events/festivals, around the workplace or just simply a place outside which has cables that need to be protected. They are easily deployed – roll out – cut to length and press cable or hose into the recess – done. 

Ideal for most outdoor events where cables need to be protected

Manufactured in a flexible high strength rubber mixture, not like the cheap alternatives that are currently on the market. it’s low 30mm height affords safe and comfortable drive over. The Hose and Cable protector provides a low-cost solution for the protection of hoses and cables over long distances.

Extremely strong and durable – can withstand the weight of HGV’s and lift trucks.

  • Dimensions: 100mm (W) x 30mm (H)
  • Length: 10M
  • Weight: 21kg
  • Material: High strength rubber
  • Capacity: Hoses and cables up to 20mm Ø
  • Maximum recommended drive-over speed: 5 to 10mph.
  • Suitable for all types of vehicles and pedestrians on-foot
  • 20mm diameter makes up the top channel whilst the two lower channels measure at 10mm
  • Removal or insertion of cable is made easy due to accessible nature of product
  • Easily cut to length
  • Ideal for construction sites, yards etc.
  • Cost effective
  • Quick to deploy
  • Temporary cable protection

Introducing our flagship product, the External Industrial Cable Protector - a robust and reliable cable management solution designed to safeguard your cables in the most demanding environments. With a generous length of 10 meters, this cable protector is a must-have in any industrial setting, outdoor event, construction site, or public gathering where safety and cable integrity are paramount.

Crafted from high-grade materials, our External Industrial Cable Protector withstands the toughest conditions. Be it heavy foot traffic, vehicle movement, or harsh weather, this cable protector guarantees long-lasting performance without compromising the safety of your cables. Its rugged exterior provides exceptional resistance to abrasions, impact, and UV exposure, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Our External Industrial Cable Protector's innovative design ensures seamless cable management without disruption. The non-slip surface prevents accidents caused by tripping hazards while protecting your valuable cables from accidental damage. With three spacious channels, this cable protector accommodates multiple cables of various sizes, keeping them organized and reducing entanglement risk.

Setting up the External Industrial Cable Protector is easy. The lightweight yet sturdy construction allows for effortless transportation, while the pre-installed connectors make interlocking multiple units easy. The versatility of this cable protector makes it an invaluable asset for temporary installations, as it can be easily relocated and reconfigured to suit your changing needs.

Slip-Not.co.uk prioritizes safety. The External Industrial Cable Protector meets all relevant safety standards and guidelines, ensuring complete peace of mind for our customers. Our commitment to quality and safety has earned us the trust of industries, events, and projects nationwide.

Don't compromise on cable safety or employee and visitor well-being. Invest in the External Industrial Cable Protector and experience unparalleled protection for your valuable cables. Whether it's a construction site, a music festival, or a busy warehouse, this cable protector will efficiently manage your cables and reduce accidents risk.

Slip-Not.co.uk prides itself on delivering top-tier industrial solutions, and our External Industrial Cable Protector exemplifies our commitment to excellence. Join countless satisfied customers who trust their cable management needs to us. Get your 10-meter cable protector today and safeguard your workplace with confidence!

External Industrial Cable Protector 10 Metres


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