High Traffic Entrance Mat For Commercial and Home Use

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The entrance matting’s aggressive tread pattern scrapes shoes and wheels clean, while the open grid traps and collects dirt and debris. This unique ‘scrape and clean’ system helps maintain interiors for longer, reducing cleaning costs. This makes Frontrunner Entry the ideal commercial entrance mat for any environment with high traffic entrances or walkways.

Whether you're after a surface-mounted or recessed entry mat, Frontrunner Entry is purpose designed to fit seamlessly with all well depths and contours effortlessly to the subfloor. If you’re looking for loose lay entrance matting to place directly over an existing surface, you can also order modules with ramped PVC edges.


Choose from modules with ramped PVC edging, rolls in standard widths and 10m lengths, or order a custom size


One-piece construction means the entrance matting can be cut to size on site, with no previous site visits needed


Simply roll or lift to clean, no special tools needed

As industry leaders, we understand the significance of a strong first impression, which is why we present to you our latest innovation - the High Traffic Entrance Mat. This cutting-edge mat is designed to replace the traditional Frontrunner Entry and revolutionize the way you manage heavy footfall areas.

Designed to withstand the most demanding environments, our High Traffic Entrance Mat is crafted using state-of-the-art materials, ensuring exceptional durability and resilience. The mat is engineered to endure high volumes of foot traffic without compromising quality and performance. This makes it an ideal choice for busy entrances, commercial establishments, public spaces, and any area subjected to constant wear and tear.

Safety is our top priority, and the High Traffic Entrance Mat is engineered with unbeatable slip-resistance features. The specialized surface design offers maximum traction, minimizing slips, trips, and falls, even in wet or muddy conditions. With this mat in place, you can be confident that your visitors, customers, and employees will experience a secure and hazard-free entrance.

Slip-Not caters to each customer's unique needs. Our High Traffic Entrance Mat is available in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs. This allows you to personalize the mat to suit your establishment's aesthetics and branding. Additionally, we offer the option of adding custom logos or messages, ensuring your entrance makes a lasting impression while promoting your brand identity.

Keeping our High Traffic Entrance Mat in top condition is a breeze! Thanks to its innovative design and premium materials, it repels dirt and moisture effectively. Cleaning is hassle-free and can be accomplished through simple brushing, vacuuming, or even hosing down, without compromising the mat's performance.

Investing in our High Traffic Entrance Mat is a cost-effective decision in the long run. Its exceptional durability ensures a prolonged lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements. Moreover, by safeguarding your visitors and employees from potential accidents, you also mitigate the risk of costly legal liabilities.

Make the smart choice for your entrance and switch to the High Traffic Entrance Mat from Slip-Not. Experience the perfect combination of style, performance, and safety, setting the standard for exceptional entrance mat solutions. Upgrade your entryway now, and leave a lasting impression on every visitor that walks through your doors.

Contact our team today to discuss your requirements, request samples, and explore the endless possibilities with the High Traffic Entrance Mat! Trust Slip-Not to transform your entrance experience like never before.

High Traffic Entrance Mat For Commercial and Home Use


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