Gerflor Mipolam Planet Stain Resistant Homogeneous Vinyl Safety Flooring Roll

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Commercial flooring - Homogeneous

Exclusive and patented Evercare surface treatment : easy maintenance, no wax for life & high stain resistance.

Benefits of Mipolam Planet Homogeneous Flooring:

  • Palette of 40 natural colours for freedom of design
  • TVOC after 28 days < 10µg/m3 : indoor air quality
  • Available in R10
  • Also available in tile 608x608 mm for a minimum order quantity of 500 sqm per colour
  1. Evercare™ Treatment
  2. Monolayer homogeneous flooring, pressed and calendered

MIPOLAM PLANET™ is fully flexible homogeneous compacted floorcovering in sheet, 2m wide, providing excellent resistance to wear and tear in high traffic areas. Their weight is 2700 gr/m².They feature a non-directional design incorporating translucent chips that provides a 3D effect and ensures an even colour throughout the thickness presenting a nice matt finish over 40 colours.

The flooring is equipped with Evercare ™, patented surface treatment obtained by UV laser cross-linking offering the best chemical resistance to the main products used in healthcare environment as betadine, eosin, hydro alcoholic solutions, making the maintenance easy and the floor long lasting. This treatment avoids applying any acrylic emulsion throughout the lifetime of the product.
It is free of formaldehyde, heavy metals and CMR 1 & 2 or vPvB (very persistent and very bio  accumulative) or PBT (persistent, bio-accumulative and toxic) and is REACH compliant. It is 100% phthalates free and recyclable.
Its VOC emissions after 28 days (ISO 16000-6) are below detection levels (<10 μg / m3) and this product is classified A + (the best class).

According to ISO 21702, Mipolam Planet has anti-viral activity against Human Coronaviruses : it reduces the number of virus by 99,7% after 2h00.According to ISO 22196, Mipolam Planet has anti-bacterial activity against E. coli, S. aureus and  MRSA of 99% after 24h00.The flooring is antistatic (<2kV), its residual indentation is ≈ 0.02 mm.The flooring complies with the EN ISO 10581 norm, has a binder content Type I and is suitable for heavy duty traffic areas and Bfl-s1 fire resistance.As part of our sustainable development policy, this product is manufactured in the first floor covering plant awarded with the triple certification: ISO 9001 (quality),ISO 14 001 (environment) and OHSaS 18001 (safety).

Mipolam Planet™ is a homogeneous compact vinyl floor covering in sheet form with patented Evercare™ surface treatment for high resistance to chemicals and staining. It requires no wax for life, delivering ease of maintenance and energy savings. Mipolam Planet™ has a matt effect finish and is available in 40 non-directional natural colour references, incorporating translucent chips, which provide a 3D effect and ensure an even colour throughout the thickness.

Features and benefits:

  • Evercare™ surface treatment for high chemical and stain resistance.
  • Requires no waxing - easy and cost-effective maintenance.
  • Non-directional design with translucent chips.
  • 100% non-porous surface.
  • Highly flexible, easy to install and weld.
  • Compatible with the Gerflor Clean Corner system.
  • Type Binder classification I.
  • Wide range of natural colours– 40 references with contemporary matt finish.
  • Indoor Air Quality – very low emitting material <10 µg/m³.
  • 100% recyclable and contains 25% recycled content.
  • Also available with R10 Slip Resistance with 500sqm mmq – please contact manufacturer.
  • Also available as Mipolam Bioplanet, made with 17% bio content. A 500sqm mmq applies - please contact manufacturer.

Installation and maintenance:

  • Should be installed in accordance with the BS 8203:2017 Code of practice for installation of resilient floor coverings.
  • Installation and maintenance instructions are available.
  • Can be installed with the patented Clean Corner System for ensured hygiene. 

General information



Please see specification data for options. 








20000 mm


2000 mm


2 mm

Warranty description

12 year


Pr_35_57_71_67 Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sheetsPrimary


M50/20 Sheeting

M50/150 Sheeting

Product range

Sheeting / Wet Room Products

Specification data - Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sheets



To BS EN ISO 10581.

Use class

To BS EN ISO 10874, class 34–43. 

Commercial, very heavy – Light industrial, heavy. 

Slip potential


Slip resistance value (SRV) (minimum)/ Pendulum test value (PTV) (minimum)


To DIN 51130.

Also available with a R10 value - please contact manufacturer. 

Recycled content



2000 mm.


2.0 mm.


2700 g/m².


20 m.

Fire rating (to BS EN 13501)


To EN 13501-1. 

Static electricity

<2 kV. 

To EN 1815 Static electrical propensity. 

Dimensional stability


To EN ISO 23999. 

Residual indentation (to EN-ISO 24343-1)

Average measured value ≈0.02 mm. 

Requirement: ≤0.10 mm. 

Castor chair continuous use (to ISO 4918)


Type W 

Thermal Conductivity:

0.25 W/m·K. 

To EN ISO 10456. 

Surface treatment


VOC emissions

<10 µg/m³. 

To ISO 16000-6 TVOC after 28 days. 


Clean Corner system.

Co-ordinating weld rods.


Type I. 

Binder content to BS EN ISO 10581. 

Colour (Light reflectance value (LRV)


Chemical resistance (to EN-ISO 26987)


Sustainability data

Contains Red List materials




Recycled content

25 %


Product format


Roll Size

20 l/m x 2m





Welding rod


Gerflor Mipolam Planet Stain Resistant Homogeneous Vinyl Safety Flooring Roll


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