HDPE Black Plastic Sheet - 3mm Thick

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 Our 3mm thick HDPE black sheet offers a versatile and durable solution for various industrial, commercial, and domestic applications. This product page provides you with all the essential information about our premium HDPE black sheets. This is so you can make an informed decision about your specific needs.


  • Good low temperature resistance
  • Good electrical properties
  • Low water absorption
  • Food compliant
  • Low density


  • Components for the food industry
  • Medical applications
  • Pumps
  • Tank construction
  • Gaskets
Product Overview:

Our HDPE black sheet, measuring 3mm in thickness, is a superior material known for its exceptional strength, resilience, and chemical resistance. This black sheet is meticulously manufactured using top-grade HDPE material, ensuring it meets the highest industry standards. The 3mm thickness strikes an ideal balance between flexibility and sturdiness, making it suitable for an array of applications.

Key Features:

Robust and Durable: HDPE is renowned for its ruggedness, making it an ideal choice for applications requiring resistance to impact and heavy loads. The 3mm thick black sheet can withstand demanding conditions and is built to last.

Chemical and Moisture Resistance: This HDPE sheet is impervious to most chemicals, oils, and solvents, ensuring its integrity even in corrosive environments. Additionally, it exhibits excellent moisture resistance, making it suitable for outdoor applications.

Easy Fabrication: The HDPE black sheet can be effortlessly cut, drilled, and fabricated to suit your specific requirements. Its versatility allows for customization without compromising performance.

Low Friction Surface: The smooth black surface of the sheet reduces friction, making it ideal for applications involving sliding and abrasion.

Common Applications:

The 3mm HDPE black sheet is used in a wide range of industries and settings.

Industrial Applications: It serves as an excellent material for machinery components, conveyor systems, and lining for chutes and hoppers.

Commercial Use: From point-of-sale displays to architectural elements, the black sheet adds a sleek and modern touch to commercial projects.

Domestic Projects: Use it for home DIY projects, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, and various repair applications.

Agriculture: The sheet can be employed for agricultural equipment and animal enclosures, benefiting from its UV resistance and easy cleaning properties.

Why Choose Slip-Not?

Slip-Not prides itself on providing top-quality HDPE black sheets to meet your diverse needs. Our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure quality standards. With a focus on customer satisfaction, we offer competitive prices, fast delivery, and exceptional customer support.

If you are seeking high-performance, 3mm thick HDPE black sheet for industrial, commercial, or domestic purposes, Slip-Not has the solution for you. Its strength, versatility, and chemical resistance make it an investment you can trust. Browse our product page and place your order today for a seamless experience acquiring premium HDPE black sheets.

HDPE Black Plastic Sheet - 3mm Thick


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