Heavy Duty Social Distancing Stickers For Traffic/Footfall

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Heavy Duty Social Distancing Stickers For Traffic/Footfall
Social distancing stickers are physical or digital decals designed to remind people to maintain a safe distance from each other, typically to prevent the spread of infectious diseases like COVID-19. These stickers are often used in public spaces such as supermarkets, restaurants, offices, public transportation, and other areas where people gather. Here are some common types of social distancing stickers:

Floor Markers: These are adhesive stickers placed on the floor to indicate where individuals should stand to maintain a safe distance, usually around 6 feet (2 meters) apart.

Table Stickers: In restaurants or cafes, stickers can be placed on tables to indicate where customers should sit to maintain proper spacing.

Entrance/Exit Stickers: These are placed near entrances and exits to guide the flow of foot traffic and remind individuals to maintain a safe distance while entering or leaving a space.

Queue Markers: Stickers are used to mark spots in queues or lines, ensuring that people stand at a safe distance from each other.

Digital Stickers: In virtual or online environments, social distancing stickers can be implemented digitally to remind users to maintain a safe virtual distance during video conferences or online events.

Customized Messages: Some stickers include messages or graphics to reinforce the importance of social distancing and hygiene practices.
We have produced our social distancing sign with ‘SAFE DISTANCE 2M’ printed on in 5 languages.
The purpose of these stickers is not only to provide visual cues but also to create a sense of collective responsibility in adhering to public health guidelines. They serve as a simple and effective way to communicate and implement social distancing measures in various settings.

Our social distancing stickers are manufactured from an industrial-grade plastic making them highly durable. The floor stickers is backed with a super strong adhesive, which will hold fast to a clean, dry surface.

Heavy Duty Social Distancing Stickers For Traffic/Footfall


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