Heavy Duty Yellow Non-Slip Tape Roll 25mmx18.3M

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Heavy Duty Yellow Non-Slip Tape Roll 25mmx18.3M
Adhesive Backing: The tapes typically have a strong adhesive backing that adheres to different surfaces, such as tile, wood, concrete, or metal.

Durability: High-quality tapes are durable and resistant to wear, tear, and weather conditions. This ensures they maintain their effectiveness over time.

Visibility: Some tapes come in bright colors like yellow or red to enhance visibility and serve as a visual warning.

Easy Application: Anti-slip tapes are generally easy to apply, providing a quick and cost-effective solution to improve traction on surfaces.

Variety of Sizes: Tapes are available in various widths and lengths, allowing users to choose the dimensions that suit their specific needs.

Water-Resistant: Many anti-slip tapes are designed to be water-resistant, making them suitable for areas prone to wet conditions.

How To Apply:
1. Ensure that the surface is completely free from any debris. The best cleaning medium is a solvent such as isopropyl alcohol applied with a clean cloth. The surface should be dry and free from any loose particles. Prime and seal unpainted wood and concrete surfaces.

2. Cut the tape to the desired length and round the corners with scissors.

3. Peel release paper and place in desired location.
(When the temperature is low, please slowly heated with a hair dryer, and gum with good results)
Product Applications

Construction industry - Floor marking, Safety protection, and general purpose Anti slip needs.
Sure Step Anti-Slip cleats are essential in industrial enviroments, machine shops, and work areas to prevent dangerous and costly hazards.
Boating and RV industry - for Stairs and steps where non-skid application is needed when wet
For indoors or outdoors; on Walkways - Ramps - Stairways - in Machine shops - Work areas stairs - Pool areas - Skateboards - Garage steps

Heavy Duty Yellow Non-Slip Tape Roll 25mmx18.3M


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