HGV Traffic Cable Protection Ramp

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  • This Cable Protection Ramp lets you drive over cables, hoses and pipes without causing them damage. The tough rubber has been tested with HGVs, allowing you to work without having to move wires every time a vehicle needs to pass by. The opening flap on the top of the cable ramp gives you simple access to your cables and hoses, giving you an easy way to place and remove them. The Cable Protection Ramp is easily and quickly installed.
  • Cable Protection Ramp Key Features
  • This ramp has a clearly visible yellow cover with checker plate anti-slip surface moulded in high-grade polypropylene. It can be used for a permanent solution thanks to 4 fixings holes which allow you to bolt the cable ramp. You can also use it as the temporary solution as it’s light enough to carry but will stay in place if a vehicle passes over it.
  • All sections of this cable / hose protection system feature an interlocking system for secure mating of extension sections. Suitable for heavy-goods traffic which are common in warehouse and factories. Male End Caps and Female End Caps are also available to complete your cable ramp. It's also great for home use across driveways and entrances, allowing you to do DIY and renovation work and still have access to your parking spaces

Protect Hoses and Cables from Damage

  • 960(L) x 600(W)x 75(H) mm
  • 3 channels: 2 cables 68 x 50mm; 1 cable 55 x 50mm
  • 10 tonne weight limit per axle
  • Easily and quickly deployed
  • Three top loading channels for cables/hoses
  • Anti-slip hinged top panel
  • Interlocking design feature
  • Strong robust construction
  • Suitable for use HGV traffic

Centre Section

  • Size: 960mmL x 600mmB x 75mmH
  • Body Material: Hard rubber
  • Cover Material: Polypropylene
  • Body Colour: Black
  • Cover Colour: Yellow

45 Degree Angle:

  • Size: 500/200mmL x 600mmB x 75mmH
  • Body Material: Hard rubber
  • Cover Material: Polypropylene
  • Body Colour: Black
  • Cover Colour: Yellow

End Section:

  • Size: 283mmL x 600mmB x 75mmH
  • Channels: 2 x 68mm, 1 x 55mm

Our HGV Traffic Cable Protection Ramp is designed to safeguard cables and hoses in high-traffic areas. Crafted from durable materials, this ramp offers reliable protection for important cables and hoses from heavy vehicles like trucks and lorries. The robust construction ensures long-lasting performance in demanding environments. Say goodbye to potential damage and trip hazards and ensure the safety and integrity of your cables and hoses with Slip-Not's HGV Traffic Cable Protection Ramp. Trust us for all your industrial and safety needs, and enjoy peace of mind with effective cable protection.

HGV Traffic Cable Protection Ramp


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