Pedestrian Hose and Cable Ramp

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Approx Dims: 2080 x 995 x 235 mm

Weight: 35 kg

Aluminium Tunnel: 225 wide x 200mm high

Max Load: 200 kg

Max Hose/Cable diameter: 200mm

The SN417 Hose and Cable Ramp is a pedestrian ramp that was designed in response to requests by customers who need to run delivery hose across pathways. Supplied in three sections, this ramp is easy to assemble. Amended 03.06.21: The solid topped GRP grating drops over square pegs welded to the aluminium tunnel, custom made M12x65mm fixings A286 (supplied) are used to secure the GRP to the aluminium tunnel.

Slip-Not Hose and Cable Ramp A417 - Streamlined Cable Management for Safety and Efficiency

Welcome to Slip-Not, your trusted provider of top-of-the-line safety solutions. We are delighted to present our Hose and Cable Ramp A417 - an innovative and efficient cable management system designed to ensure maximum safety and organization for hoses and cables in diverse industrial and commercial settings.

Superior Cable Protection

At Slip-Not, we recognize the importance of protecting your valuable cables and hoses from potential damage caused by vehicular or foot traffic. Our Hose and Cable Ramp A417 provides superior cable protection, equipped with features that guarantee optimal performance.

  • Built to Last: The Hose and Cable Ramp A417 is constructed using high-quality materials, ensuring its durability and ability to withstand heavy loads and harsh conditions. Its robust build guarantees reliable performance, making it a cost-effective investment.
  • Enhanced Safety: Safety is our top priority, and the ramp's anti-slip surface offers excellent traction for vehicles and pedestrians. This crucial feature significantly reduces the risk of accidents and injuries, creating a safer work environment.
  • Efficient Cable Organization: With multiple channels, our ramp efficiently organizes hoses and cables, preventing tangling and minimizing tripping hazards. This well-thought-out design streamlines workflow and enhances overall productivity.
  • Flexible and Scalable: The modular design allows for easy extension by connecting additional units, providing flexibility to adapt to various applications and workspaces.
  • High Visibility: The ramp's high-visibility colors ensure it remains easily detectable in all lighting conditions, further enhancing safety measures.

Slip-Not's Hose and Cable Ramp A417 caters to a wide range of industries, including construction sites, events, trade shows, warehouses, and more. Whether it's electrical cables, water hoses, or pneumatic lines, this ramp offers an ideal cable management solution.

Invest in the safety and efficiency of your workplace with Slip-Not's Hose and Cable Ramp A417. Say goodbye to cable-related hazards and embrace a secure and streamlined environment. Order your Hose and Cable Ramp A417 today and experience the quality and reliability that Slip-Not is renowned for. Trust Slip-Not for all your cable management needs and ensure a safer and more productive workspace.

Pedestrian Hose and Cable Ramp


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