Cable Ramp Rubber Wedge

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The SN329 is the rubber wedge element that fits with the GRP grating to make Hose & Cable Ramp SN298.

  • Approx Dims: 880 x 375 x 125mm High
  • Weight: 15.5 kg

Slip-Not Hose and Cable Ramp Accessory A329 - Optimize Your Cable Management System

Welcome to Slip-Not, your trusted partner in providing top-quality safety solutions. We are pleased to introduce our Hose and Cable Ramp Accessory A329 - an essential component designed to optimize and enhance the efficiency of your cable management system.

Unleashing the Full Potential of Your Cable Ramp

At Slip-Not, we understand the significance of a well-organized cable management system for maintaining a safe and productive workspace. Our Hose and Cable Ramp Accessory A329 is here to complement your existing cable ramp, elevating your cable management capabilities to new heights.

  1. Enhanced Cable Protection: The A329 accessory acts as a reliable cable guard, providing an extra layer of protection for your hoses and cables. It shields your valuable cables from potential damage caused by vehicle or foot traffic, ensuring their longevity and reliability.

  2. Seamless Channel Expansion: The A329 accessory effortlessly connects to your existing hose and cable ramp, allowing for easy channel expansion. This flexibility enables you to accommodate additional cables and hoses without compromising on safety or organization.

  3. Superior Safety: Safety remains our utmost priority at Slip-Not. The A329 accessory maintains the anti-slip surface characteristic of our cable ramps, ensuring optimal traction for vehicles and pedestrians. This feature significantly reduces the risk of accidents and injuries.

  4. Effortless Installation: Installing the A329 accessory is a simple process. Its user-friendly design enables quick and secure attachment to your cable ramp, saving valuable time and effort during setup.

Slip-Not's Hose and Cable Ramp Accessory A329 is a versatile addition suitable for various industries and environments. Whether you need to protect electrical cables, water hoses, or pneumatic lines, this accessory enhances the capabilities of your cable management system. It is ideal for construction sites, events, trade shows, warehouses, and more.

Invest in the efficiency and safety of your cable management system with Slip-Not's Hose and Cable Ramp Accessory A329. Unleash the full potential of your cable ramp and bid farewell to cable-related hazards. Order your Hose and Cable Ramp Accessory A329 today and experience the quality and reliability that Slip-Not products are known for. Trust Slip-Not for all your cable management needs and ensure a safer and more organized workspace.

Cable Ramp Rubber Wedge


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