Ice Arena Floor Covering - Rubber Rolls

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Ice Arena Floor Covering Rubber Rolls are designed to be used in home gyms, in personal training studios, in commercial weight rooms under exercise equipment and the 10mm for weights areas, as basement and kid’s play room flooring, in pet care facilities, as locker room flooring where spike protection might be needed, and in any other places where a rubber flooring solution that is non slip and provides anti fatigue like qualities would be useful.

Ice Arena Floor Covering Rubber Rolls - Protecting and Preserving Your Ice Surface

Welcome to Slip-Not, your trusted provider of premium safety and industrial solutions. We are delighted to present our Ice Arena Floor Covering Rubber Rolls - a reliable and durable solution designed to protect and preserve your ice surface with ease.

At Slip-Not, we understand the significance of maintaining a pristine ice surface in your arena. Our Ice Arena Floor Covering Rubber Rolls offer unmatched protection against potential damage caused by heavy foot traffic, equipment, and other activities. With our floor covering, you can extend the lifespan of your ice surface and reduce the need for costly and time-consuming repairs.

  1. Premium Quality Rubber: Our Ice Arena Floor Covering is crafted from high-quality rubber material, ensuring exceptional durability and resilience. The rubber rolls are designed to withstand the rigors of ice arena usage and maintain their integrity over time.

  2. Effortless Installation: Installing our Ice Arena Floor Covering Rubber Rolls is a straightforward process. The rolls are designed for easy setup and removal, allowing for quick and efficient coverage of your ice surface when needed.

  3. Slip-Resistant Surface: Safety is a top priority, even off the ice. The rubber rolls feature a slip-resistant surface, providing secure footing for skaters and visitors when moving on and off the ice. This feature minimizes the risk of accidents and injuries.

  4. Protective Barrier: The floor covering acts as a protective barrier, shielding the ice from potential damage caused by equipment or other heavy loads. It prevents scratches, gouges, and dents that could compromise the ice surface's integrity.

  5. Easy Maintenance: Our Ice Arena Floor Covering is easy to clean and maintain. It can be quickly wiped down and stored when not in use, ensuring a clean and tidy arena for each event.

Invest in the longevity and preservation of your ice surface with Slip-Not's Ice Arena Floor Covering Rubber Rolls. Say goodbye to worries about damage to your ice arena and welcome a reliable and efficient solution for ice surface protection. Order your Ice Arena Floor Covering Rubber Rolls today and experience the quality and reliability that Slip-Not is renowned for. Trust Slip-Not for all your ice arena and safety needs, and ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for skaters and visitors alike.

Ice Arena Floor Covering - Rubber Rolls


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