Industrial Polyethylene Rotunda Tape 3105 50mm x 50M

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Industrial Nuclear Rotunda Tape 3105 50mm x 50m
Scapa 3105 is a specialist performance, polyethylene laminated waterproof cloth tape, coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive and specifically designed to meet the stringent technical requirements of the nuclear industry. Hallogen content and sulphur content are conforming with specifications for a PMUC homologation.

Temporary marking, sealing, joining, supporting and holding on nuclear fabrications during construction.Specifically designed for use in the nuclear construction and ship building industries.

Waterproofing: The polyethylene layer provides a waterproof barrier, making the tape suitable for applications where protection from moisture is essential.

Durability: The cloth backing adds strength and durability to the tape, making it resistant to tearing and damage.

Adhesive: These tapes usually have a strong adhesive on one side, allowing them to bond well to a variety of surfaces.

Versatility: The tape is often versatile and can be used in different applications, both indoors and outdoors.

Common Uses:
Sealing: It can be used for sealing joints and seams in various applications, such as construction projects, HVAC systems, or outdoor equipment.

Repair: It is often employed for quick repairs, such as fixing leaks in pipes or sealing damaged surfaces.

Weatherproofing: The waterproof nature of the tape makes it suitable for weatherproofing applications, such as sealing windows or repairing outdoor gear.

Construction: It may be used in construction for tasks like taping temporary coverings or sealing gaps.

DIY Projects: Individuals might use this type of tape for various do-it-yourself projects where a waterproof and durable tape is needed.

Industrial Polyethylene Rotunda Tape 3105 50mm x 50M


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