Interlocking Rubber Mat 16mm thick

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  • Interlocking Rubber Mat, 16mm thick
  • Heavy duty durable Rubber
  • Slip resistant pattern finish
  • Hollowed reverse for cushioning
  • High impact and resilience
  • Integral interlocking design
  • Excellent protection from falls
  • Manufactured From Nitrile Rubber, Oil & Grease Resistant

Interlocking Rubber Mat (16mm Thick) - Premium Flooring Solution for Versatile Applications

Welcome to Slip-Not, your trusted provider of premium safety and industrial solutions. Explore our Interlocking Rubber Mat, a versatile and durable flooring solution designed to meet various industrial and commercial needs.

Our Interlocking Rubber Mat, with a thickness of 16mm, offers exceptional performance and support for a wide range of applications. The thick rubber material provides excellent cushioning and shock absorption, making it perfect for high-traffic areas, gyms, workshops, playgrounds, and more.

  1. Interlocking Design: The mats feature an innovative interlocking design, ensuring easy installation and customization. Create a seamless and secure fit by connecting multiple mats together, creating a stable and safe surface.

  2. Durable and Resilient: Crafted from high-quality rubber, our 16mm Thick Interlocking Rubber Mat is built to withstand heavy use and constant foot traffic. The robust material ensures long-lasting performance and durability.

  3. Versatile Applications: This mat's versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. From industrial workspaces to commercial gyms and play areas, it provides superior support and safety across various settings.

  4. Enhanced Traction: The textured surface of the mat offers excellent traction, reducing the risk of slips and falls, even in wet or oily conditions. This feature ensures a safer environment for employees, customers, or gym-goers.

  5. Easy Maintenance: Cleaning and maintaining our Interlocking Rubber Mat is straightforward. The resilient rubber material resists spills and stains, and the mat can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth or mop.

Invest in Slip-Not's Interlocking Rubber Mat (16mm Thick) and experience a superior flooring solution that meets your diverse needs. Say goodbye to subpar flooring and embrace a durable and versatile option that offers both functionality and safety. Order your Interlocking Rubber Mat today and experience the quality and reliability that Slip-Not is renowned for. Trust Slip-Not for all your industrial, commercial, and safety needs, and enjoy a robust and resilient flooring solution for your workspace or facility.

Interlocking Rubber Mat 16mm thick


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