Noise and Vibration Reduction Matting By Slip-Not

Size: Red 1.25m x 10m x 6mm
Sale price£357.03


Noise & Vibration Reduction Matting
Resistant to mold and mildew, solvents and even bleach
Business use
Under all machinery causing floor vibration.
Ideal for any item used on desk, counter or lab table which creates noise and vibration.
Home use
Under washing machine or dryer, especially if these items are on your 2nd floor or if you have an apartment.
Ideal for exercise equipment, again especially if these items are on your 2nd floor or if you have any apartment.
Ideal for under refrigerator or dishwasher.
Ideal for countertop appliances.
Matting: Additional Info
Slip not matting can also be used to surround any noise source to create a quieter environment. It can be mechanically attached to just about any material including wood, drywall or steel or glued to attach using standard Liquid Nails adhesive.
Possible uses include noisy piece of machinery or an excessively noisy duck or vent whether indoor or outdoors.

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