Non-Slip Rubber Matting for Decking -Safety and Durability for Outdoor Spaces

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  • Rubber Link mats are ideal for non slip decking as the name suggests can these rubber mats can be  linked together to cover any area.
  • Anti Slip Decking rubber mats are manufactured from heavy duty rubber compound.
  • These mats are ideal for Non Slip Decking as the drainage Holes allow liquids and waste to pass through, minimising slips and falls.
  • Rubber matting for Decking is easy to clean and shock absorbent and completely Non Slip.

Non-Slip Rubber Matting for Decking: Enjoy Your Outdoor Spaces with Confidence

Slip-Not, your premier destination for top-quality non-slip rubber matting for decking! If you want to make the most of your outdoor spaces, our specially designed rubber mats are the perfect solution to enhance safety and comfort, allowing you to enjoy your deck to the fullest.

Stay Safe and Slip-Resistant: Slippery decking can be hazardous, especially during wet weather or after rain. Our non-slip rubber matting offers an excellent grip, providing a secure surface for walking, playing, or simply relaxing. Say goodbye to slips and trips, and create a worry-free outdoor environment for family, friends, and pets.

Durable and Weather-Resistant: Built to withstand the elements, our rubber decking mats are highly durable and weather-resistant. From scorching summers to chilly winters and everything in between, these mats maintain their performance and integrity, making them a reliable choice for year-round outdoor use.

Easy Installation: Installing our rubber matting is a breeze. Simply lay the mats directly on your decking surface, and you're good to go. No need for adhesives or complicated procedures! The mats stay in place, providing a seamless and secure fit that won't shift or move.

Comfortable and Versatile: Apart from their non-slip properties, our rubber mats also offer excellent comfort underfoot. The cushioned surface reduces fatigue, making your outdoor space more inviting and relaxing. Their versatility extends to other applications as well, such as playgrounds, patios, and walkways.

Low Maintenance: Keeping your decking looking pristine is easy with our non-slip rubber matting. The non-porous surface resists stains and can be quickly cleaned with just a hose or a damp cloth, saving you time and effort in maintenance.

Revitalize Your Deck: Transform your deck into a safe and enjoyable retreat with Slip-Not's non-slip rubber matting. Whether you have a small balcony or a sprawling deck, we have a range of sizes to suit your needs perfectly.

Non-Slip Rubber Matting for Decking -Safety and Durability for Outdoor Spaces


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