Pool And Wet Area Rubber Flooring Rolls

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Features & Benefits:

  • A very popular and attractive rubber flooring with round circular stud pattern design
  • Neat, smart & Attractive pattern
  • Hard - wearing & durable rubber
  • High Slip resistant multi-directional patterned surface
  • Impression finish anti-creep reverse
  • Good floor to foot cold insulation properties

Slip-not UK proudly presents Pool and Wet Area Rubber Flooring Rolls, a premium flooring solution specially designed for aquatic environments. Whether it's for swimming pool decks, water parks, spa areas, or any wet area, our rubber flooring rolls offer outstanding safety, comfort, and durability. Crafted from high-quality rubber materials, this flooring is resistant to water, chemicals, and UV rays, ensuring it remains in excellent condition even in challenging wet conditions.

Characteristics that are significant:

  1. Superior Slip Resistance: Safety is paramount in wet areas, and our Pool and Wet Area Rubber Flooring Rolls excel in providing a slip-resistant surface. The textured rubber offers excellent traction, minimizing the risk of slips and falls.

  2. Comfort Underfoot: Our rubber flooring provides a cushioned and comfortable surface to walk on, making it enjoyable for users while also reducing fatigue during extended use.

  3. Chemical and UV Resistant: The rubber material is highly resistant to chemicals and UV rays, ensuring the flooring remains intact and unaffected by pool chemicals and sunlight exposure.

  4. Easy to Install: Our rubber flooring rolls come in user-friendly rolls, allowing for straightforward and efficient installation without the need for complicated adhesives.

  5. Low Maintenance: Cleaning and maintaining the rubber flooring is hassle-free, requiring only a quick wash or hose down to keep it looking clean and hygienic.


  • Safety Assurance: Create a safe environment for users with our slip-resistant rubber flooring, reducing the risk of accidents in wet areas.

  • Comfortable Experience: Enjoy a comfortable and supportive surface underfoot, enhancing the overall experience of visitors and guests in aquatic environments.

  • Long-Lasting Investment: Our rubber flooring rolls are designed to endure the demands of wet areas, providing a durable and cost-effective flooring solution.

  • Versatile Application: From commercial pools to residential spa areas, our rubber flooring is suitable for various wet environments, offering versatility in application.

Choose Slip-not UK for High-Quality Pool and Wet Area Rubber Flooring

For top-tier safety, comfort, and durability in aquatic environments, trust Pool and Wet Area Rubber Flooring Rolls from Slip-not UK. We prioritize quality and customer satisfaction, offering flooring solutions that enhance safety and aesthetics. Create a secure and enjoyable wet area experience with our premium rubber flooring. Order now and elevate your aquatic spaces with reliable and slip-resistant flooring.

Pool And Wet Area Rubber Flooring Rolls


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