Premium ATG Tapes And Dispensers

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Premium ATG Tapes And Dispensers
ATG tapes and dispensers are tools commonly used in various industries for adhesive application and bonding. "ATG" stands for "Adhesive Transfer Gun," and it's a type of double-sided tape system. Here's a brief overview:

ATG Tape: ATG tape is a type of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape with adhesive on both sides. It is commonly used for bonding and mounting applications where a strong, permanent bond is required. ATG tapes are available in various widths and adhesive formulations to suit different needs.

ATG Dispenser: An ATG dispenser is a handheld tool designed to apply ATG tape. It typically has a roller mechanism that helps dispense the tape evenly and smoothly onto the surface. The dispenser also includes a cutting mechanism to easily cut the tape once it's applied.

Here's how ATG tapes and dispensers are used:

Loading the Dispenser: To begin, you need to load the ATG tape into the dispenser. This involves threading the tape through the dispenser's roller and adhesive applicator.

Application: The user then applies the ATG tape to one surface, holding down the trigger on the dispenser. As the tape is pulled out from the roll, the adhesive is transferred to the material. The roller ensures smooth and even application.

Cutting: When the desired length of tape has been applied, the user can release the trigger, and the dispenser's cutting mechanism severs the tape, leaving a neat finish.

ATG tapes and dispensers are valued for their ease of use, speed, and precision in applying adhesive. They are commonly used in various applications, including scrapbooking, framing, packaging, and even in the manufacturing and assembly of products. The choice of ATG tape depends on the specific requirements of the project, such as the type of materials being bonded and the desired bond strength.

Premium ATG Tapes And Dispensers


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