Premium Natural Coconut Coir Entrance Mat - 1m or 2m Width, PVC Backing

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When it comes to enhancing the entrance of your home or business with both functionality and eco-friendliness, natural coconut coir entrance matting stands out as a top choice. Available in widths of 1 meter (m) or 2 meters (m), these mats combine durability, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal to create a welcoming entryway. This natural coir matting is made form the husk of a coconut and features an effective brushing action, complete with a heavy-duty coated PVC backing. 


Coconut coir mats are renowned for their durability. The natural fibers are tough and resistant to wear and tear, making them ideal for high-traffic areas such as doorways, lobbies, and commercial entrances. Whether it's rain or shine, these mats retain their integrity and effectiveness.

Dirt and Debris Trapping:

One of the primary functions of entrance matting is to trap dirt, debris, and moisture before they enter the premises. Coconut coir mats excel in this regard, thanks to their coarse texture and excellent scraping ability. They effectively scrape off dirt from shoes, preventing it from being tracked indoors and thereby reducing cleaning efforts and maintaining cleanliness.


As awareness of environmental impact grows, many consumers prefer sustainable products. Coconut coir mats fit this criterion perfectly. They are made from natural fibers that are biodegradable and renewable, making them a greener choice compared to synthetic alternatives.


Available in widths of 1m or 2m, coconut coir entrance matting offers versatility in installation options. Whether you need a narrow mat for a residential doorway or a wider mat for a spacious commercial entrance, there's a size to suit every need. This flexibility ensures that you can effectively cover your entryway while maintaining a cohesive and attractive look.


  • Placed at the entrance of homes, coconut coir mats effectively trap dirt, mud, and moisture brought in on shoes, preventing them from being tracked indoors.
  • Used outdoors, these mats provide a durable and natural-looking surface that complements outdoor décor while keeping outdoor spaces cleaner by trapping debris before it enters the home.
  • Coconut coir mats are often used in office buildings to maintain cleanliness and reduce the spread of dirt and moisture throughout the premises.

Premium Natural Coconut Coir Entrance Mat - 1m or 2m Width, PVC Backing


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