Premium Polyethylene Coated Matt Cloth Tape 50mmx50m

Color: Black
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Premium Polyethylene Coated Matt Cloth Tape 3130
Premium 80 Mesh: This indicates the tape has a high-quality construction, possibly referring to a fine mesh or weave pattern in the material.

Polyethylene Coated: The tape is coated with polyethylene, a common plastic material known for its durability and resistance to moisture.

Matt Finish: The tape has a matte or non-reflective finish. This feature can be important in photography to minimize reflections and glare.

Camera Cloth Tape: The tape is likely designed for use in the camera industry, possibly for securing equipment, covering seams, or other applications related to photography.

Green Chroma Key Tape: Green is a popular color for chroma keying because it is not as commonly found in skin tones or other elements in a scene. This makes it easier to isolate and replace during video editing.

Blue Chroma Key Tape: Blue is also used for chroma keying, especially when the subject of the video or photograph is wearing green clothing or is in an environment with a lot of green.

Black Chroma Key Tape: Black tape is sometimes used for masking or creating defined edges in a scene. It can be helpful in situations where green or blue tape might interfere with the subject or background.

Premium Polyethylene Coated Matt Cloth Tape 50mmx50m


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