Reflective Conspicuity Tape Fluorescent Yellow/Green Lime

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Reflective Conspicuity Tape Fluorescent Yellow/Green Lime
Please note: This kind of tape is reflective tape, when met lights, it will be reflective in the dark night. Not self-luminous. Tape itself does not emit lig.
The reflective tape can be adhered on any surface, metal, wood, and plastic.
The safety tape has the best wide-angle reflection performance. Maintain a good reflective performance even at a larger incident angle.
Warning tape for parking spaces and hazard areas DIY cars, buses, bicycles, motorcycles, trucks, mobile phones, household appliances, etc.

Reflective tapes are often available in various colors, including yellow and green (lime), to improve visibility.

Reflective tape is applied to vehicles, traffic cones, barriers, and other equipment to make them more visible to drivers, especially in the dark.

Chapter 8 provides guidelines on how reflective materials should be applied to different types of vehicles and equipment to comply with safety standards.

There are specific requirements regarding the amount and placement of reflective materials on vehicles and signage to ensure optimal visibility.

Safety Standards:
The use of reflective tape is essential to meet safety standards and reduce the risk of accidents in and around construction zones or roadwork areas.

Reflective Conspicuity Tape Fluorescent Yellow/Green Lime


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