Resealable Filmic Double Sided Bag Sealing Tape

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Resealable Filmic Double Sided Bag Sealing Tape
Filmic double-sided bag sealing tape with a differential adhesive likely refers to a type of tape designed for sealing bags or packaging. Let's break down the terms:

Filmic: This suggests that the tape is made of a film-like material, which is common for packaging tapes.

Double-Sided: This indicates that adhesive is applied on both sides of the tape, allowing it to adhere to surfaces on both sides.

Bag Sealing Tape: This implies that the tape is specifically designed for sealing bags, likely in packaging applications.

Differential Adhesive: "Differential adhesive" typically means that the two sides of the tape have different adhesives. This could serve various purposes, such as one side providing strong adhesion to the bag material, while the other side offers a less aggressive adhesive for easy resealing or opening.

Widely recognised re-closure system
Reliable adhesive system which will not age and make packs look out of date
Fingerlift liner is easy for consumers to understand and use.
Highly productive integration solutions from into existing production lines.
Reopenable closure system for filmic bags
Removable emblems or profiles

Resealable Filmic Double Sided Bag Sealing Tape


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