Rubber Link Mats with Drainage Holes For Pool And Wet Areas

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  • Link mats as the name suggests can be linked together to cover any area. 
  • A special high visibility yellow safety ramp is also available for the link mats.

Rubber Link Mats with Drainage Holes, the perfect solution for pool and wet areas. As the name suggests, these link mats can be easily connected together to cover any desired area, providing a seamless and secure flooring option.

Safety is our priority, and to further enhance the safety of your wet areas, we offer a special high visibility yellow safety ramp that complements the link mats perfectly. This ramp provides a clearly marked transition between the matting and the surrounding surface, reducing the risk of tripping and ensuring maximum visibility for all users.

Our Rubber Link Mats with Drainage Holes are designed to create a safe, non-slip surface in pool areas, saunas, steam rooms, splash parks, water sports facilities, and other wet environments. The drainage holes in the mats allow water and liquids to flow through, providing a self-draining surface that keeps the area dry and slip-resistant.

With their durable and resilient construction, our link mats are built to withstand the challenges of wet areas. They offer excellent resistance to water, ensuring longevity and reliable performance in any aquatic setting.

Installation is quick and straightforward, making our link mats a practical and efficient choice for covering large or irregularly shaped areas. The interlocking design ensures a secure fit and prevents movement or shifting during use.

We prioritize safety, functionality, and quality in all our products. Our Rubber Link Mats with Drainage Holes for Pool and Wet Areas are no exception. Invest in Slip-Not's link mats to create a safe and hygienic environment in your wet areas. Whether it's a poolside, spa facility, or water park, our link mats provide unbeatable performance and safety. Choose Slip-Not for excellence in wet area matting solutions!

Rubber Link Mats with Drainage Holes For Pool And Wet Areas


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