SBR Rubber Wheel Chock - 174 x 90 x 94 mm

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The SN133 Wheel Chock is a small rubber chock that is ideal for car trailers and caravans. It has a chunky tread for excellent grip and a blue polypropylene rope handle. It is light and small enough to be stored easily.


  • Dimensions: 174 x 90 x 94 mm
  • Weight: 0.6Kg each
  • Sold as Single Units

Rubber Wheel Chock E, the perfect solution for car trailers and caravans to ensure maximum safety and stability during parking and loading operations. This small but mighty chock is designed to provide a secure hold, preventing vehicles from unintentional movement.

The SN133 Wheel Chock features a chunky tread that offers exceptional grip on various surfaces, giving you the confidence that your vehicle will stay put. Its reliable performance makes it an essential accessory for anyone towing a car trailer or caravan.

Convenience is at the heart of this design. The chock is equipped with a blue polypropylene rope handle, making it easy to carry and position as needed. When not in use, its compact size and lightweight nature allow for effortless storage, ensuring it won't take up valuable space in your vehicle or storage area. With dimensions of 174mm in length, 90mm in width, and 94mm in height, this rubber wheel chock is perfectly sized for its intended applications. Each chock weighs 0.6kg, providing a sturdy and reliable hold.

The Rubber Wheel Chock E is sold as single units, allowing you to purchase as many as needed for your specific requirements. Whether you have a single trailer or a fleet of caravans, these chocks offer a cost-effective and practical solution for enhancing safety during parking and loading activities.

Invest in Slip-not's Rubber Wheel Chock E for peace of mind and safety during your towing adventures. Its durable rubber construction and excellent grip properties ensure that your car trailer or caravan stays in place, reducing the risk of accidents and damages. Trust Slip-not for top-quality rubber accessories that enhance the performance and safety of your vehicles.

SBR Rubber Wheel Chock - 174 x 90 x 94 mm


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