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Sure Stride Message mats are adhesive-backed mats designed to relay important messages or reminders to customers, visitors, and employees. Choose from an array of stock messages or design your own using your logo/artwork and messaging.
  • Provides Clear Messaging - Mats can be placed in pivotal locations to provide important messages or reminders
  • Stays in Place - Adhesive backing keeps the mat flat and in place, even with heavy cart and buggy traffic
  • Hassle-Free - Mats can be left in place during daily floor cleaning; floor scrubbers, mops, and brooms will pass right over them without causing damage
  • Won't Leave Residue - Sure Stride mats are less likely to leave a sticky residue than floor decals
  • Odor Resistant - Anti-microbially treated for protection from odors
  • Slip Resistant - Low-profile high-traction surface provides additional traction and slip resistance
  • Will perform for up to 3 to 4 months under normal use
  • Sold in case/box; 6 mats per case

Recommended Uses

Recommended for use in settings where visitors or employees need important reminders.

Available Sizes

43.2 x 43.2 CM

43.2 x 59.7 CM


  • SURFACE MATERIAL: Solution-dyed polypropylene, screenprinted
  • BACKING MATERIAL: Releasable adhesive; moisture barrier is a polyester film
  • OVERALL WEIGHT: 410g/m²


  • Certified high-traction by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI)
  • Passes flammability standard DOC-FF-1-73

Design Specifications

  • Mat Size Imprint Area43.2 x 43.2cm; 16.5 x21.6cm; 43.2 x 59.7cm; 21.6 x 29.2cm
  • Special sizes are not available.
  • PMS matching is not available.
  • Imprint area is available in landscape/horizontal orientation only.
  • Minimum text height: 65mm
  • Minimum line thickness: 16mm
  • These text requirements are for general use; however, special fonts and very thin letter forms may need to be made larger or thicker and will be approached on a case-by-case basis.
  • Light background colors should be avoided due to their tendency to show dirt on the mat more than a darker or neutral tone.

Cleaning Instructions

  • Please do not pick up the mat to clean the floor underneath until you are ready to replace it.
  • Sure Stride Impressions mats feature a low profile and can be left in place during daily floor cleaning activities. Floor scrubbers, vacuums, brooms, and mops will pass right over it without causing damage to the mat. Standard floor scrubbers may be used to clean the mat, however, please use low settings for water and pressure, and note that extended use of floor scrubbers could result in removal of the printed design.
  • Sure Stride mats are designed to dissipate water and dry quickly, however, standard fans and floor blowers can be used to expedite drying.
  • For extremely wet conditions, use a wet vacuum or extractor to remove excess water.
  • Sure Stride mats are designed to last up to 3-4 months under normal conditions. If the mats are installed in a high-traffic area or shows signs of wear or a weakened bond to the floor prior to its intended life, it should be replaced.

Installation Instructions

  1. The floor must be clean and dry.
  2. Measure your desired distance between mats.
  3. Position the mat in the desired location, then press and smooth the mat into place.

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