Thermal Spray Masking Tape CHR 2975-8RY Roll

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Thermal Spray Masking Tape CHR 2975-8RY Roll
Thermal spray masking tape is a specialized type of tape used in thermal spray coating processes. Thermal spraying is a method in which molten or semi-molten materials are sprayed onto a surface to create a coating. This process is commonly used in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing to provide protective coatings, improve wear resistance, or alter surface properties.

Masking tape in the context of thermal spraying serves the purpose of protecting certain areas of the substrate from the spray. The tape is applied to areas where the coating is not desired, ensuring that only specific regions receive the thermal spray material. This helps in achieving precise and controlled coating application.

Key characteristics of thermal spray masking tape may include:

Heat Resistance: Thermal spray processes involve high temperatures, so the masking tape must be able to withstand these temperatures without melting or deteriorating.

Adhesive Strength: The tape should have strong adhesive properties to adhere securely to the substrate surface and create a barrier against the thermal spray material.

Residue-Free Removal: After the thermal spray process is complete, the masking tape should be easy to remove without leaving behind any residue that could affect the quality of the coated surface.

Flexibility: The tape should be flexible enough to conform to various shapes and contours of the substrate.

Chemical Resistance: The tape may need to resist the chemicals used in the thermal spray process.

It's important to use masking tapes specifically designed for thermal spray applications to ensure the success of the coating process and to avoid issues such as poor adhesion, contamination, or damage to the masked areas.

Backing Material: Glass-Silicone
Adhesive Type: Silicone
Total Thickness mm (mil): 0.267 (10.5)
Backing Thickness mm (mil): 0.178 (7.0)
Adhesive Thickness mm: (mil) 0.089 (3.5)
Adhesion to Steel N/cm (oz/in): 5.5 (50)
Tensile Strength N/cm (lb/in): 263 (150)
Dielectric Strength (volts): 7,000
Elongation (% at break): 5
Operating Temperature °C (°F): -73 to +260 (-100 to +500)
Colour: White

Thermal Spray Masking Tape CHR 2975-8RY Roll


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