Wetroom Floor Matting - Safety and Comfort for Wet Areas

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Elevate Safety and Comfort with Wetroom Floor Matting by Slip-Not

Wetrooms present unique challenges when it comes to safety and hygiene. Slip-Not presents a solution with their Rubber Wetroom Floor Matting, specifically crafted to enhance safety, comfort, and cleanliness in wet areas. Engineered from high-quality Non Slip  Rubber these mats offer durability and functionality that cater to the unique needs of wetroom environments. Let's delve into the features, benefits, and applications of Slip-Not's Wetroom Floor Matting and how it can transform your wetroom experience.

Unparalleled Safety Features:

Safety is paramount in wetroom environments where surfaces can become slippery and hazardous. Slip-Not's Wetroom Floor Matting is designed with safety in mind, featuring a non-slip surface that provides superior traction even when wet. This helps prevent slips, trips, and falls, providing peace of mind for users of all ages. Whether installed in residential bathrooms, spa facilities, or commercial establishments, these mats prioritize safety without compromising on style or comfort.

Exceptional Durability and Resilience:

Wetroom Floor Matting is engineered to withstand the rigors of wet environments, maintaining its integrity and performance over time. Constructed from high-quality Non Slip Rubber, these mats offer exceptional durability, resilience, and resistance to water, mould, and mildew. Whether subjected to daily foot traffic, exposure to moisture, or cleaning agents, Wetroom Floor Matting remains steadfast, providing reliable support and protection for users.

Comfortable and Hygienic Surface:

In addition to safety and durability, Wetroom Floor Matting offers a comfortable and hygienic surface for users. The soft yet resilient texture of the matting provides a comfortable underfoot feel, enhancing the overall bathing experience. Furthermore, the non-porous nature of the matting prevents the growth of mould, mildew, and bacteria, promoting a clean and hygienic environment for users and reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

Versatile Applications:

Slip-Not's Wetroom Floor Matting offers versatility in its applications, making it suitable for various wetroom settings:

  • Spa and Wellness Centres: Perfect for spa facilities, saunas, and steam rooms, enhancing safety and comfort for guests during relaxation and therapeutic treatments.

  • Commercial Establishments: Great for hotels, gyms, and leisure centres, where safety and hygiene are paramount in wetroom areas frequented by guests and patrons.

Easy Installation and Maintenance:

Installing Slip-Not's Wetroom Floor Matting is a straightforward process, thanks to its flexible and adaptable nature. These mats can be easily trimmed to fit around fixtures and obstacles, ensuring a seamless and professional-looking installation. Additionally, their low-maintenance nature requires only periodic cleaning with soap and water or mild disinfectants, making them easy to upkeep and prolonging their lifespan.


In conclusion, Slip-Not's Wetroom Floor Matting offers a reliable, durable, and comfortable solution for enhancing safety and comfort in wetroom environments. With its unparalleled safety features, exceptional durability, comfortable surface, versatile applications, and easy installation and maintenance, Wetroom Floor Matting provides the perfect flooring solution for residential and commercial wetrooms alike. Whether used in bathrooms, spa facilities, or leisure centres, Slip-Not's Wetroom Floor Matting transforms wetroom experiences, ensuring safety, comfort, and hygiene for users while enhancing the overall aesthetics and functionality of the space.

Wetroom Floor Matting - Safety and Comfort for Wet Areas


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