Slip Resistant and Anti Fatigue Workplace Mat

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Slip-Not is your premier destination for top-of-the-line anti-fatigue matting solutions. We are excited to present our finest offering - Anti-Fatigue Matting. This exceptional product has been designed with your comfort and well-being in mind, ensuring that your daily activities become a breeze while providing unparalleled durability to withstand the test of time.

The Anti-Fatigue Mat is engineered to deliver supreme comfort and support, making it the perfect addition to your home, workplace, or any environment where prolonged standing is required. Crafted with precision, this mat boasts an innovative cushioned design that reduces pressure on your joints, muscles, and feet. Say goodbye to discomfort and fatigue, as this mat will transform your daily routine, allowing you to stand for extended periods without adverse effects.

This makes it ideal for use as workshop flooring, factory safety matting or multipurpose workplace matting in light industrial environments and walkways where there's a risk of liquids underfoot.

The anti-fatigue benefits and cushioning also makes this the perfect mat for workplaces where standing employees need support underfoot.

The hollow construction makes it light to lift and easy to move, so installation is quick and cleaning is simple.


Comes in 10m matting rolls


Easy to cut on site; contours to uneven surfaces


Light to handle; no special cleaning tools needed

Our Anti-Fatigue Matting stands out with its meticulous design and robust construction. The mat features raised bubbles that provide superior traction, preventing slips and enhancing safety in wet or dry conditions. The beveled edges further add to the mat's safety aspect by reducing tripping risk. Whether you use it in your kitchen, workshop, or commercial setting, you can trust this mat to provide an enhanced level of security for you and those around you.

The versatility of this mats knows no bounds. With its exceptional design and performance, it is an ideal choice for various applications. Use it in your garage to ease discomfort during DIY projects, place it in your office to reduce strain during long hours at the desk, or incorporate it into your production line for a more comfortable and productive workforce. The possibilities are endless, and the benefits are incomparable.

Prioritize your well-being and invest in the Anti-Fatigue Matting today. Let Slip-Not help you elevate your comfort, safety, and productivity. Upgrade your space with this revolutionary anti-fatigue solution that delivers functionality and durability. Order your This mat now and experience the transformative difference it makes in your everyday life.

Etched surface
Tubular Construction
Two layer, tubular construction
Made from non-porous PVC

Reduces Fatigue
Fatigue reducing and insulating
Chemical, oil and acid resistant

Slip Resistant
Certified slip resistant (DIN 51130: R11, ASTM 1677: 0.6/0.6)
Excellent drainage (DIN 51130: V10)

Boosts productivity
Absorbent Inserts
Simple to install, easy to clean

Comes in 10m rolls
Easy to cut to fit on site
Contours to uneven surfaces

Simply roll or lift to clean
No special cleaning tools needed
Easy to clean with a high pressure hose

Slip Resistant and Anti Fatigue Workplace Mat


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