Anti Slip Supercoat Industrial Floor Paint 20Ltr Factory Garage Floor Paint

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Anti Slip Supercoat Industrial Floor Paint 20Ltr Factory Garage Floor Paint

  • Heavy Duty anti slip floor paint for coating industrial floors showrooms, garages and factory floors.
  • Our garage floor paint is designed to provide very good abrasion resistance with a long lasting high build finish and high industrial strength.
  • Factory floor paint exhibits the highest strength whilst offering smooth, attractive gloss finish.
  • Our garage floor paint is high build coating that produces a truely stunning finish for areas such as showrooms where you need to impress

The functions of the industrial floor paint are: 

1. To strengthen and improve the factory floor surface 
2. To eliminate dust build up on surface (pre seal primer coating is always advised on dusty unpainted areas before a topcoat is applied)
3. To increase the floors abrasion and wear resistance
4. To provide the increased additional chemical resistance 
5. To improve the appearance and ambience of the working environment 
6. To speed up the cleaning/mopping of the area cutting down on time of this task and also to help combat dust issues on stock and surface contamination 
7. To delineate specific areas, such as: safe walking areas, parking bays or access routes and other directions etc.

  • Easy to clean
  • Professional Gloss Finish
  • Surface Usable in 24hrs
  • Solvent Free - Unlike cheaper alternatives


  • Coverage:10m squared per litre or 107ft squared per litre
  • 200m squared per 20 litre can or 2,140ft squared per 20 litre can (one coat)
  • Touch dry 15 c = 10/12 hours
  • Product weight 25kg minimum

Introducing our top-of-the-line product: Anti-Slip Supercoat Industrial Floor Paint – a game-changer in the world of factory and garage floor coatings.

Product Overview: Anti-Slip Supercoat Industrial Floor Paint is a cutting-edge formula designed to provide unparalleled safety and durability in high-traffic areas. Whether you need to revamp your factory floor or refurbish your garage, this floor paint is the ideal solution. Engineered with state-of-the-art technology, our Supercoat offers a superb combination of aesthetics and slip resistance.

Unmatched Slip-Resistance: Safety is our top priority, and Anti-Slip Supercoat delivers on this promise. The paint incorporates a carefully calibrated blend of anti-slip particles, ensuring exceptional traction and reducing accident risk, especially in areas prone to spills, moisture, or oil. Slip-resistant properties meet and exceed industry standards, making floors safer for workers and visitors.

Unrivaled Durability: Our Supercoat Industrial Floor Paint boasts remarkable longevity. With its high-performance formula, it withstands heavy machinery, foot traffic, and various environmental stressors, maintaining its integrity and slip resistance for years to come. Say goodbye to frequent recoating and hello to floor paint that endures.

Easy Application & Maintenance: Applying the Anti-Slip Supercoat is easy. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a DIY enthusiast, the paint's user-friendly nature ensures a smooth application. Once applied, maintaining your coated floor is simple - regular cleaning keeps it looking fresh and functional.

Aesthetically Pleasing: Who said industrial floors had to look dull? Our Supercoat Industrial Floor Paint comes in a range of colors to suit your aesthetics. Elevate your workspace with a sleek and polished finish that doesn't compromise safety.

Versatile Applications: Anti-Slip Supercoat's beauty lies in its versatility. Suitable for concrete, wood, metal, and other surfaces, this industrial-grade floor paint finds applications in factories, garages, warehouses, workshops, showrooms, and more.

Eco-Friendly & Compliant: We care about the environment, and so does our Supercoat. This low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) formula ensures minimal emissions during application, promoting a healthier and eco-friendly workspace.

Make a proactive choice for safety with our Anti-Slip Supercoat Industrial Floor Paint. Create a secure work environment without compromising aesthetics and longevity. Transform your factory or garage floors into safe and visually appealing spaces. Slip-Not UK is committed to excellence in every step – order your 20-liter container of Anti-Slip Supercoat today and experience the difference it makes!

Anti Slip Supercoat Industrial Floor Paint 20Ltr Factory Garage Floor Paint


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