Checker Plate Garage Flooring

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  • Our Checker Plate rubber garage flooring is oil and grease resistant, manufactured from high quality Nitrile Rubber compound. It has a checker plate surface pattern and a flat reverse side.
  • The non-directional checker plate pattern gives this matting a non-slip surface that is still easy to mop/clean and wont trap dirt unlike some other types of non-slip flooring. Checker plate matting is extremely durable and makes an ideal flooring for Garage.
  • Smart & Attractive pattern
  • Hard - wearing & durable rubber
  • Slip resistant multi-directional patterned surface
  • Impression finish anti-creep reverse
  • Good floor to foot cold insulation properties
  • Oil Resistant - Heavy Duty Garage Flooring On Rolls

Are you tired of your dull, uninspiring garage floor? Look no further than's Checker Plate Garage Flooring! Our high-quality and durable flooring solution revolutionizes your garage's look and functionality. understands the importance of a well-designed and safe garage environment. That's why we have developed Checker Plate Garage Flooring, a versatile solution that combines aesthetics and practicality. With its distinctive checker plate pattern, our flooring not only adds style to your garage but also offers numerous benefits that make it the most suitable choice for any garage owner.

First and foremost, our Checker Plate Garage Flooring is exceptionally durable. Made from heavy-duty rubber, it withstands the toughest conditions. Whether you're parking your car, working on DIY projects, or using your garage as a workshop, our flooring can handle weight and impact, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Additionally, our garage flooring is designed with safety in mind. The checker plate pattern enhances the overall appearance and provides excellent traction. This means that even in wet or oily conditions, you can confidently move around your garage without the risk of slipping or falling. Our flooring's anti-slip properties contribute to a safer working environment, giving you peace of mind while focusing on your tasks.

Maintenance is a breeze with's Checker Plate Garage Flooring. The durable rubber material resists stains, spills, and abrasions, making it a low-maintenance option. A simple sweep or mop will keep your flooring looking pristine, even in high-traffic areas. Our flooring is also resistant to chemicals and oils commonly found in garages, ensuring its quality and appearance for years to come.

Invest in's Checker Plate Garage Flooring today and transform your garage into a remarkable space that you'll be proud to show off. Don't settle for less on your garage floor. Choose quality, durability, and style with Slip-Not's Checker Plate Garage Flooring. Contact us now to take the first step towards a garage makeover that exceeds your expectations.

Checker Plate Garage Flooring


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