Commercial Sponge Rubber Sheet EPDM Linear Metre

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  • EPDM Sponge Rubber Sheeting is a commercial EPDM/SBR blend suitable for use in medium range applications such as low pressure pipe seals, man-way gaskets, weather strip etc. Slip-not provide EPDM rubber sheetings in various sizes to fit your needs.
  • Maximum length of each roll is 10 meters. This listing is by the meter so you simply need to enter in the box above number of meters you require
  • Sponge Rubber Closed Cell Structure Rubber Sheet
  • Suitable For Use in Water
  • Suitable For Use in Salt Water
  • Good For Weathering & Outdoors
  • Resists Oxidation, Ultra Violet & Ozone

Our Commercial Sponge Rubber Sheet is crafted using premium-grade EPDM material, renowned for its exceptional properties that ensure long-lasting performance and resistance to various environmental factors. EPDM rubber is known for its excellent ozone and weather resistance, making it an ideal flooring option for both indoor and outdoor applications. Whether you need flooring for a bustling commercial establishment or a high-traffic industrial space, this rubber sheet can withstand daily wear and tear while maintaining its structural integrity.

Commercial Sponge Rubber Sheet adapts effortlessly to diverse applications. From industrial workshops to gymnasiums, from playgrounds to marine environments, this rubber sheet can cater to a broad spectrum of needs. Its soft and sponge-like texture provides a cushioned surface that offers underfoot comfort, making it an excellent choice for areas where people are on their feet for extended periods.

Safety is a paramount concern in any environment, and our Commercial Sponge Rubber Sheet delivers exceptional slip resistance, minimizing accidents. EPDM's unique composition ensures slip-resistant surfaces, even when exposed to moisture or spills. Whether it's a busy commercial kitchen, a poolside area, or an industrial facility prone to oil and grease spills, this rubber sheet keeps traction steady, enhancing safety for everyone.

Our Commercial Sponge Rubber Sheet comes in linear meters, allowing effortless installation and customization to fit your specific requirements. Its pliable nature enables simple cutting and shaping without compromising durability. Additionally, its low-maintenance design means cleaning is a breeze – no need for harsh chemicals or specialized cleaning routines. Regular cleaning with mild soap and water keeps the rubber sheet in pristine condition.

We are committed to environmental responsibility, and our EPDM-based Commercial Sponge Rubber Sheet reflects that commitment. EPDM is recyclable, reducing waste and promoting sustainability. Choosing this rubber sheet not only benefits your facility but also contributes to a greener future for our planet.

Discover the unmatched performance and versatility of our Commercial Sponge Rubber Sheet (EPDM). Elevate your space with a reliable and attractive flooring option that checks all the boxes for safety, durability, and easy maintenance. Browse our selection and order today!

Commercial Sponge Rubber Sheet EPDM Linear Metre


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