Fatigue Interlocking Mat Tiles

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Fatigue Interlocking Mat Tiles

Looking for a durable and anti-fatigue mat tile that can cover large floor areas? Look no further than the Fatigue Interlocking Mat Tile!

Made of solid rubber, this mat is perfect for industrial areas while being comfortable enough to stand on all day long. It features a pattern of holes to allow liquids to drain and trap swarf and dirt. Plus, it comes with optional black or yellow ramped edging pieces to boost safety even more. 

  • Tile Size: 90cm x 90cm
  • Thickness: 16mm

The Fatigue tiles are ideal for areas where large pieces of swarf such as metal or wood shavings are likely to be present.

See the Accessories for the optional yellow and black bevelled edges.

  • Interlocking tile system
  • Soft, yet resilient rubber floor tiles.
  • Open holes allow efficient drainage of spilt liquids.
  • Effective anti-fatigue properties
  • Conforms to Slip Resistance Test EN 13552 Category R10.
  • Location: Suitable for both wet and dry areas
  • Installation: Loose Lay Mat
  • Cleaning: Pressure hose

Designed with your well-being in mind, Slip-Not's Fatigue-Interlocking Mat Tiles offer a cutting-edge ergonomic design that takes the pressure off your feet, legs, and back. Crafted from high-quality, durable materials, these mats provide an incredibly cushioned surface, easing the strain that comes with prolonged standing. The interlocking feature ensures easy installation, allowing you to cover your entire workspace quickly and effortlessly.

Not only do our Fatigue-Interlocking Mat Tiles offer unparalleled comfort, but also prioritize your safety. The slip-resistant surface provides excellent grip, reducing the risk of accidental slips and falls in busy environments or high-traffic areas. Feel confident and secure as you move around your workplace, knowing that Slip-Not has your safety at heart.

Slip-Not understands that workspaces are unique. Our Fatigue-Interlocking Mat Tiles come in various sizes and thicknesses, allowing you to customize your comfort and tailor the mats to fit any area perfectly. Whether it's a bustling industrial facility, a bustling retail store, a busy kitchen, or a home garage, these mats adapt to your needs flawlessly.

We know that convenience matters just as much as comfort. That's why our fatigue-interlocking mat tiles are effortless to clean and maintain. Built to withstand daily use, these mats resist stains and spills, making them the ideal choice for even the messiest of workspaces. A simple wipe or mop is all it takes to keep your mats looking and feeling fresh.

Investing in Slip-Not's Fatigue-Interlocking Mat Tiles is an investment in your overall well-being and productivity. By providing the utmost comfort and support, these mats reduce fatigue and promote better posture, leading to increased focus and efficiency in your daily tasks.

Join countless satisfied customers who have already experienced the difference our Fatigue-Interlocking Mat Tiles can make. Elevate your workspace to increased levels of comfort, safety, and productivity with Slip-Not today! Don't compromise on quality - choose the finest for your feet!

    Fatigue Interlocking Mat Tiles


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