Fine Ribbed Black Rubber Matting 7500v Working / 20,000V Tested Linear Meter

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Fine Ribbed Black EPDM Rubber Matting to IEC61111-2009 Class 1, is a high quality electrical safety matting fully tested to 20,000 volts with regulation standard stamped on reverse of roll at 1000mm intervals. Maximum safety working voltage of 7,500v.

It has a fine ribbed, anti-slip surface pattern on one side and a cloth impression finish on the reverse.

Class 1

  • Withstand Test: 20kv – No Electrical Puncture
  • Puncture Proof: 10KV for 3 Minutes
  • Working Voltage: 7,500 volts
  • Thickness: 3mm
Key Points
  • Health & Safety regulation material
  • Fully traceable supply
  • Regulatory branding on reverse
  • Low maintenance
  • Available 0.91m, 1.0m and 1.2m wide rolls

Clause No.



Specific Gravity

1.50 ± 0.05

Hardness, Shore A

75 ± 5

Tensile Strength, Kg/cm2

50 Min.

Elongation at Break, %

200 Min.



Surface Finish

Fine rib with fabric finish






Mechanical Puncture Test

Min 70N


Slip Resistance

Avg. force higher than 50N


Proof Test

Withstand Test

Class – 0 (Thickness 2.0 mm)

10KV for 3 minutes

20KV – No electrical puncture


Ageing Test At 70 ± 2oC/168Hrs



Mechanical Puncture Test

Should be minimum 80% of original value


Thermal Properties



Flame Retardance

Flame should not propagate within a 50mm diameter from the centre


Low Temperature Resistance (4hr at -25 ± 3oC)



a) Visual Inspection

No cracks


b) Voltage withstand

No electrical puncture


Exceptional Features:

Fine-Ribbed Surface: The precisely engineered fine-ribbed surface provides superior traction, reducing slips and falls even in damp conditions. This feature enhances your work environment's safety.

Versatility: Our black rubber matting is available in linear meters, allowing easy customization to fit various workspaces, from electrical substations and control rooms to workshops and construction sites.

Easy Installation: The matt can be effortlessly laid out, thanks to its flexibility and manageable weight, enabling you to quickly create a secure and insulated working area.

Durable and Resilient: Resistant to abrasions, impacts, and chemicals, this rubber mat is designed to withstand heavy use and harsh environments, ensuring a long-lasting investment for your safety needs.

This Fine Ribbed Black Rubber Matting is a top choice for power and utility companies, data centers, power stations, and laboratories. It finds extensive use in switchgear rooms, electrical panels, transformer rooms, battery rooms, and any area with electrical exposure.

Don't compromise on safety in high-voltage environments. Slip-Not UK's Fine Ribbed Black Rubber Matting offers unbeatable electrical insulation, robustness, and slip resistance to protect your workforce and equipment. With its proven performance and versatility, this mat ensures your workplace remains hazard-free, giving you peace of mind and compliance with safety regulations. Invest in the finest rubber mat for your high-voltage needs and create a secure and protected working environment today.

Fine Ribbed Black Rubber Matting 7500v Working / 20,000V Tested Linear Meter


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