Extra Slip Resistant Indoor and Outdoor Entrance Floor Mat Frontrunner Low Profile

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The mat’s aggressive deep-etched tread scrapes shoes and wheels clean, while the open grid collects and traps dirt, preventing unwanted debris from being tracked inside buildings.

Wheel-proof and heel-proof, Frontrunner XT Low Profile is certified slip resistant and can be used as an indoor or outdoor entrance floor mat. This makes it suitable for every environment and application, whether you need an internal commercial entrance mat for a busy workplace or a heavy-duty outdoor entrance mat for industrial use.

Purpose designed to fit seamlessly with all well depths, Frontrunner XT Low Profile can be installed surface-mounted or recessed and contours effortlessly to the subfloor.


Choose from rolls in standard widths and 10m (33') lengths or order a custom size. Can be used as an interior or exterior matting.


One-piece construction means you can cut to fit on site, with no previous site visits needed.


Simply roll or lift to clean, no special tools needed

At Slip-Not, we understand the paramount importance of safety, particularly in high-traffic areas prone to slips and falls. Our Extra Slip Resistant Entrance Floor Mat boasts industry-leading slip resistance, providing a stable surface for pedestrians even in wet or slippery conditions. This innovative design significantly reduces the risk of accidents, making it an ideal choice for busy commercial entrances, public facilities, and residential areas alike.

Invest in a floor mat that stands the test of time. Our Extra Slip Resistant Entrance Floor Mat is crafted from premium-quality materials, ensuring unrivaled durability. The mat is engineered to endure heavy foot traffic, adverse weather conditions, and constant exposure to dirt and moisture. This is without compromising its functionality or appearance. Say goodbye to frequent replacements and welcome a long-lasting solution for your entrance needs.

Whether it's rain or shine, snow or sleet, our Extra Slip Resistant Entrance Floor Mat is up for the challenge. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, this versatile mat offers unbeatable performance in various settings. Create a seamless transition from your exterior to interior spaces, all while safeguarding your floors and preventing dirt and debris from being tracked inside.

Enhance your entryway's aesthetic appeal with our Extra Slip Resistant Entrance Floor Mat. Available in a range of colors and sizes, you can customize the mat to perfectly complement your decor and branding. Create a welcoming atmosphere for visitors while maintaining a professional and polished look. The mat's low-profile design ensures a neat fit, making it an unobtrusive yet impactful addition to any space.

Cleaning and maintaining our Extra Slip Resistant Entrance Floor Mat is a breeze. Simply sweep, vacuum, or hose down the mat to keep it looking new. The durable materials and construction resist staining and fading, ensuring a fresh and vibrant appearance even after years of use.

Make the smart choice for safety and style – switch to Slip-Not's Extra Slip Resistant Indoor and Outdoor Entrance Floor Mat today! Embrace a mat solution that sets the standard for slip resistance, durability, and aesthetics. Protect your visitors, employees, and loved ones with a mat that truly puts safety first. Trust Slip-Not for all your entrance mat needs and experience the difference in quality and performance.

Extra Slip Resistant Indoor and Outdoor Entrance Floor Mat Frontrunner Low Profile


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