Heavy Duty Rubber Grass Mats

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Transform your outdoor spaces with our Heavy Duty Rubber Grass Mats. Whether you need to reinforce pathways, create stable walkways, or protect the underlying ground from damage, these robust and versatile mats are the perfect solution. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Slip-Not offers a product that combines functionality, durability, and aesthetics all in one.
Key Features:
  • Heavy Duty Rubber Grass Mats Allow grass to grow through
  • 25mm holes in grass mats allow efficient drainage
  • Ideal for grassed sites, the mat disappears from view once the grass has grown through
  • Tested by Rapra to BS EN 1177:1998 for 3.3 meters critical fall height
  • Rubber Grass Mats are resistant to all weather and extreme temperatures
  • Added protection for grass
  • No costly ground work required
  • Maintenance free
  • Can be laid on flat or contoured surfaces
  • Manufactured from recycled rubber
  • Wheelchair Friendly 
  • The Slip-Not Heavy Duty Grass Mat is available in 16mm And 23mm (thick) x 1.0 meter (width) x 1.5 meter (length) and is a non-slip rubber mat.
  • Ideal for installation on heavy traffic grass areas and walkways.
  • The mat also protects against erosion.
  • The Grass Mat has been designed to allow grass to grow through the large and small holes, helping to keep that natural green feel to any area.
  • The Slip-Not Grass Mat is the most economical safety surface in the industry. Manufactured from recycled rubber, the mat requires no base work and is suitable for flat or contoured sites.
  • It wears extremely well and is resistant to all weathers and temperatures.
  • The Slip-Not surfacing solution is maintenance-free, keeps grassed areas looking neat and allows the grass to be cut with a conventional mower

Superior Build: Our Heavy Duty Rubber Grass Mats are manufactured using premium quality recycled rubber. This ensures that they can withstand the harshest of weather conditions, making them ideal for both hot summers and cold winters. The mats won't crack, chip, or degrade easily, providing you with long-lasting protection.

Exceptional Strength: Designed with a unique cellular structure, these mats boast impressive load-bearing capabilities. Whether it's foot traffic in your garden or the weight of vehicles on a driveway, the mats provide unbeatable support without compromising performance.

Easy Installation: Installing the Heavy Duty Rubber Grass Mats is a breeze. The interlocking design allows for a seamless connection between the mats, ensuring a stable and secure surface. Say goodbye to complex installation processes and hello to quick and effortless setup.

Natural Drainage: Our grass mats feature an efficient drainage system that allows rainwater to pass through freely, maintaining the health of the underlying grass. No more worries about waterlogging or damage to your lawn – these mats will keep it safe and flourishing.

Versatility: These mats serve a myriad of purposes. From reinforcing grassy walkways and playgrounds to creating paths through lawns, parks, and equestrian areas, they adapt to various applications with ease.

Slip-Not prides itself on delivering outstanding products. Our Heavy Duty Rubber Grass Mats offer unmatched performance and protection for your outdoor areas. Whether you're a homeowner, landscaper, or facility manager, these mats are a smart investment that will serve you well for years to come.

Upgrade your outdoor spaces with Slip-Not's Heavy Duty Rubber Grass Mats and experience the perfect blend of durability, functionality, and aesthetics. Order now and witness the transformation of your outdoor areas into safer, more attractive, and enjoyable spaces.

Heavy Duty Rubber Grass Mats


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