Heavy Duty Factory Mat Herongripa Non Slip for Food Service Areas

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The mat’s anti-fatigue properties provide comfort for standing employees, while the extra-wide open grid means waste and other spillages fall straight through, helping to keep the factory floor free from hazardous material.

This winning combination makes Herongripa the ideal choice when choosing an oil-resistant, anti-fatigue mat for busy food processing and production environments.

Made from a single piece of non-porous PVC, this heavy-duty industrial mat is surprisingly easy to handle. It’s also a breeze to clean with a high-pressure hose

Ideal for social distancing

You can now order Herongripa with delineated stand zones to help your business comply with social distancing. The bright yellow markers give employees a clear section in which to work, making it ideal for workplaces with standing employees or frequent shift changeovers. Unlike temporary floor markings like social distancing floor decals or social distancing floor tape, Herongripa is durable and long-lasting, and can easily be moved where needed.


Comes in 5m (16'6") or 10m (33') rolls


Roll out and cut to fit on-site; contours to uneven surfaces


This PVC matting is easy to clean with a high pressure hose

Slip-Not understands the importance of convenience. Herongripa's installation process is straightforward, making it a hassle-free choice for contractors and DIY enthusiasts alike. Our expert team is also available to guide you through the installation process, ensuring a smooth and secure fit.

Safety is not a compromise. Protect your loved ones, employees, and customers from slips and falls with Herongripa - the ultimate non-slip flooring solution. Experience peace of mind, durability, and unmatched performance with Slip-Not's Herongripa. Invest in a flooring solution that prioritizes safety without sacrificing style and comfort.

Contact us today or place your order online, and take the first step towards a safer environment with Herongripa from Slip-Not.

Heavy Duty Factory Mat Herongripa Non Slip for Food Service Areas


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