Pedestrian Cable Covers For Indoor & Outdoor Use

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The external cable guards are suitable for use inside and out, doubles as a speed bump for vehicles to protect the contents and features two channels within which to run the cables. With a chequer plate texture creating a non-slip surface for pedestrians, the cable tidy is designed for use at temporary events and festivals, in warehouses and factories, and other public spaces. Plus, with a black and yellow design, the external cable guard is highly visible.

Preventing slips and trips caused by trailing cables, the cable guard also prevents damage to the cables in order avoid disconnection, electrocution and fires. Available in one metre lengths, these can be securely interlinked together to form longer runs with the hinged lid providing access for cable insertion and removal.

With slopped edges making it easy to walk and drive over, the UV resistant and tough rubber construction means it can withstand the tough demands of most environments. Non-conductive, the 2 channel external cable guards are able to withstand 2500V to prevent electrocution and are manufactured for Vigil Products.

Technical Specification
  • Suitable for internal and external use
  • Capable of supporting vehicle traffic (5mph Max)
  • Two channels for carrying cables (30mm wide)
  • Black slopped edges with yellow lid
  • Chequer plate texture for non-slip surface
  • Withstand 2500V voltage
  • Made from recycled rubber and UV resistant high density pressure moulded Polyurethane
  • Dimensions: 1000 x 250 x 50mm
  • Manufactured for Vigil Products

Introducing the External Cable Guards - The Versatile Solution for Cable Protection

Before you stands the ultimate cable protection solution - the External Cable Guards, designed to ensure safety and organization both indoors and outdoors. Offering a range of functionalities, this cable guard doubles as a speed bump for vehicles, effectively safeguarding the contents it encloses. Its innovative design features two channels within which cables can be securely routed, preventing slips and trips caused by trailing cables while also protecting the cables themselves from damage and potential hazards.

Versatility and High Visibility: The External Cable Guards are a versatile solution, ideal for various applications. Whether it's temporary events and festivals, warehouses, factories, or other public spaces, these cable guards offer an effective cable management system while maintaining a neat and hazard-free environment. The black and yellow design ensures high visibility, minimizing the risk of accidents and ensuring safety for pedestrians and drivers alike.

Non-Slip Surface and User-Friendly Design: With a chequer plate texture, the External Cable Guards provide a non-slip surface for pedestrians, reducing the risk of accidents in busy areas. The hinged lid allows for easy cable insertion and removal, ensuring seamless maintenance and hassle-free access to cables when needed.

Built to Withstand the Demands of Any Environment: Constructed from tough and UV-resistant rubber, the External Cable Guards can withstand the challenges of harsh environments, both indoors and outdoors. The slopped edges allow for smooth pedestrian and vehicle passage, accommodating up to 5mph traffic. Additionally, these cable guards are non-conductive, providing protection against electrocution with a remarkable 2500V voltage resistance.

Elevate cable management to new heights with the External Cable Guards. Experience the convenience of a tidy, organized workspace while ensuring the safety of your cables and preventing potential hazards. Invest in these top-quality cable guards today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with superior cable protection and organization. Trust in the reliability of Vigil Products and make the External Cable Guards an essential addition to your workspace.

Pedestrian Cable Covers For Indoor & Outdoor Use


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