Non Slip Checker Plate Rubber Flooring Heavy Duty

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  • Our Checker Plate rubber flooring has a checker plate surface pattern and a flat reverse side.
  • The non-directional checker plate pattern gives this flooring a non-slip surface that is still easy to mop/clean and wont trap dirt unlike some other types of non-slip rubber flooring.
  • Checker plate flooring is extremely durable and makes an ideal walkway for heavy foot traffic.
  • Smart & Attractive pattern

  • Hard - wearing & durable rubber

  • Slip resistant multi-directional patterned surface

  • Impression finish anti-creep reverse

  • Good floor to foot cold insulation properties

  • Non Slip Checker Plate Rubber Flooring Heavy Duty

Slip-Not, your trusted provider of premium safety and industrial solutions. Explore our Non-Slip Checker Plate Rubber Flooring (Heavy Duty), a robust and reliable flooring option designed to enhance safety in various commercial and industrial settings.

Our Non-Slip Checker Plate Rubber Flooring is engineered to provide exceptional safety and durability:

  1. Excellent Traction: The checker plate design offers excellent slip resistance, making it an ideal choice for areas prone to spills, moisture, and foot traffic.

  2. Heavy-Duty Build: This rubber flooring is manufactured from heavy-duty materials, ensuring resilience and withstanding heavy loads, impact, and wear.

  3. Versatile Application: The Non-Slip Checker Plate Rubber Flooring is suitable for a wide range of applications, including workshops, garages, loading bays, warehouses, and industrial facilities.

  4. Easy to Install: The flooring comes with a practical roll or interlocking design, allowing for easy and quick installation, covering large areas with minimal effort.

Our Non-Slip Checker Plate Rubber Flooring is an essential addition to any workspace where safety is a priority. It helps prevent slips and falls, reduces fatigue, and offers a comfortable standing surface for employees. Choose Slip-Not's Non-Slip Checker Plate Rubber Flooring (Heavy Duty) and experience the difference of premium quality and functionality. Trust us for all your industrial and safety needs, and enjoy a safer and more productive environment. Elevate your workspace with our reliable and durable Non-Slip Checker Plate Rubber Flooring. Order yours today and benefit from Slip-Not's practical and effective flooring solution.

Non Slip Checker Plate Rubber Flooring Heavy Duty


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