Polysafe Standard PUR Slip-Resistant Vinyl Sheet Safety Flooring Roll

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Key Features

  • Heavy-duty safety flooring
  • Classic decoration, available in 2mm & 2.5mm
  • Pendulum test - 36+ (slider 96)
  • Sustainable slip resistance safety flooring 
  • Polysafe PUR for superior cleaning benefits

 Technical details

Type of floorcovering: 
Roll sizes:
2.0mm: 2m x 20m
2.5mm: 2m x 20m
Total weight:
2.0mm: 2430 g/m²
2.5mm: 3100 g/m²

Performance Requirements

General Performance

EN 13845: Conforms
ASTM F1303: Type II, Grade I, Class B Backing
Use Area
ISO 10874 (EN 685): 23, 34, 43
Enhanced Slip Resistance
RRL Pendulum Test: ≥36 (wet test - 4S Rubber/Slider 96)
Surface Roughness: Rz ≥20µm
EN 13845: Conforms
DIN 51130 / DIN EN 16165 Ann B: R10
ASTM D2047: SCOF ≥0.8
Abrasion Resistance
EN 13845: 50,000 cycles
EN 13893: Class DS
Reaction to Fire
EN 13501-1: Class Bfl-S1
ASTM E648: Class 1
CAN/ULC S102.2: FSV < 300; SDV < 500
AS ISO 9239-1: >8.0kW/m²
Static Electrical Propensity
EN 1815: ≤2.0kV Classified as 'antistatic'
Residual Indentation
ASTM F970 (Modified): ≤0.005" (750psi)
Castor Chair (continuous use)
ISO 4918 (EN 425): Suitable
ASTM F137: 1.5" Pass
Resistance to Heat
ASTM F1514: ΔE ≤8.0 Meets
Resistance to Light
ASTM F1515: ΔE ≤8.0 Meets


 BRE Green Guide
BRE Green Guide: A+ ENP 472
GreenTag LCA Rate Gold Plus: GreenRate level A
Generic EN 15 804 EPD
Generic EN 15804 EPD: Available
Recyclable: 100%
Recycled Content
Recycled Content: Contains recycled material
REACH: Compliant
Indoor Air Comfort GOLD
Indoor Air Comfort GOLD: Eurofins certified product
Floor Score
FloorScore: Certified
Finnish M1 Classification
Finnish M1: Certified
AgBB/ABG: Pass
BES 6001
BES 6001Excellent

Maintenance Performance

 Resistance to Chemicals
ASTM F925: Good resistance
ISO 26987 (EN 423): Good resistance

Alco Hand Gels: Compatible for use with most commonly used alco-based hand gels.

Steam Cleaning: Suitable for steam cleaning on a periodic basis.
Maintenance Statement: All Polyflor commercial sheet vinyl ranges provide a continuous, impervious and hygienic flooring solution which can be confidently cleaned in accordance with recommended maintenance procedures and approved maintenance products. The implementation of an effective cleaning regime is the most important defence against infection.


 Bacterial Resistance
ISO 846 Part C: Does not favour growth

Format Gauge Format size Coverage
Roll 2.00mm 2m x 20m 40.00m²
Roll 2.50mm 2m x 20m 40.00m²
Installation Method: Adhered
Weld Rod: 8680
NCS: S 5005-B20G
Finish: PUR

Polysafe Standard PUR Slip-Resistant Vinyl Sheet Safety Flooring Roll


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