Puzzle Lock Rubber Interlocking Mat

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  • If you are looking for a rubber flooring option that is very easy to install, then the Puzzle-Lock rubber tiles are the perfect choice for the job.
  • These interlocking rubber tiles are not only easy to install, but they are also easy to uninstall, making them ideal for use as temporary floors whenever moving is necessary.
  • Beyond their ease of use, these puzzle mats are 16mm thick and made using durable recycled rubber material.
  • These characteristics allow the modular floor tiles to be excellent for use in residential or commercial gyms.

DIY Installation: 

  • When you choose interlocking rubber tiles like these, you are giving yourself one of the easiest to install flooring products currently available.
  • These attractive and durable rubber tiles come with sides that are designed like puzzle pieces. With these edges, each tile can lock into the other in the exact same way that pieces of a puzzle would, hence the name "Puzzle-Lock".
  • The biggest benefit that they offer to you is that they can be a money-saving Do-It-Yourself project.
  • It does not take an expensive third party contractor to lock these puzzle mats together on your surfaces.

Durable Recycled Rubber: 

  • These modular floor tiles are made for use in home and commercial gym areas.
  • This is possible thanks to the tough and durable recycled rubber material used to make each 16mm thick tile.
  • Recycled rubber is normally made using the rubber harvested from vehicle tires.
  • Since vehicle tires are made to be tough and durable in a variety of abrasive conditions, so too are these interlocking rubber tiles.
  • They inherit the strength of the vehicle tire rubber.
  • As a result, they can handle the physical abuse of gym activity.
  • You can drop heavy weights on them without having to worry about damage to either the rubber tiles or the floors underneath them.

Comfortable for Feet: 

  • An important feature to have in your gym flooring is comfort.
  • Gyms are places that see a lot of physical activity and it is important that you stay comfortable while working out.
  • These puzzle mats contain the anti-fatigue properties that are normally found in rubber.
  • Each of these modular floor tiles are made from thousands of tiny rubber granules that offer better comfort and cushion against the shock your feet may experience from running, walking, or standing.
  • The rubber material of these temporary floors can help relieve any built-up pressure in your soles, ankles, and lower back.

Puzzle Lock Rubber Interlocking Mat


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