Round Dot PVC Rubber Flooring

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Pvc Rubber flooring is one of the hardest wearing garage flooring finishes available,but provide an unequalled level of softness and impact absorbency at the same time. Its resistant to fading, cigarette burns and damage, and its vulcanised surface ensures that its virtually impossible to wear through. Rubber flooring is available as tiles or sheet and as you might expect, its very flexible indeed, and can be used in an infinite number of ways where no other floor material can.

  • Attractive Dot Embossed Pattern
  • High Oil, Grease & Chemical resistance
  • Excellent slip resistant characteristics
  • Suitable for wet & dry areas
  • High insulation properties

Slip-Not UK, where we offer premium Round Dot PVC Rubber Flooring that boasts a unique combination of durability, softness, and impact absorbency. Designed to be one of the toughest garage flooring finishes available, this flooring solution also provides unparalleled comfort and protection from impact, making it the ideal choice for various applications.

Our Round Dot PVC Rubber Flooring is engineered to withstand heavy use, making it a long-lasting and reliable option for high-traffic areas like garages, workshops, and industrial spaces. Its vulcanized surface ensures exceptional resistance to fading, cigarette burns, and damage, ensuring it maintains its pristine appearance and functionality for years to come. This means you can count on its superior performance in even the most demanding environments.

In addition to its robustness, the softness and impact absorbency of our PVC Rubber Flooring set it apart from traditional flooring options. The floor's inherent cushioning properties provide a level of comfort and safety that other materials simply cannot match. Whether you're working on a garage project, standing for extended periods in a workshop, or operating heavy machinery in an industrial setting, this flooring will help reduce fatigue and protect your joints from the strain of repetitive movements.

The attractive Dot Embossed Pattern adds a touch of style to your space, making it visually appealing while maintaining its functionality. The slip-resistant characteristics make it suitable for wet and dry areas alike, ensuring safety in potentially hazardous conditions. Moreover, the flooring exhibits high resistance to oil, grease, and chemicals, further enhancing its durability and performance.

Another significant benefit of our PVC Rubber Flooring is its high insulation properties, which help regulate temperature and reduce noise, creating a more comfortable and conducive environment.

Round Dot PVC Rubber Flooring


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