Rubber Matting Roll

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  • This rubber matting roll provides comfort and safety on floors, workbenches, and entire production lines
  • Provides the perfect amount of padding to give your worksite versatile and long-lasting protection
  • Anti-fatigue matting is a no-frills solution providing safety, comfort and protection to your feet
  • Provides more comfortable conditions for workers and guards against fatigue to aid concentration
  • Anti-slip surface is an excellent choice for fast-paced, high-traffic areas in in wet or dry locations
  • Has oil and grease resistant properties that give you a secure grip and guard against slips and falls
  • Ultra-versatile matting has a padded design that provides insulation from cold floors and reduces noise
  • Rolls are made from the finest raw materials and provide partial insulation against electric shocks
  • 1000mm width mat is available in 1m lengths or 10m rolls
  • Offered in basic black finish and traditional 3mm thick standard grade

Rubber Matting Roll, the ultimate solution for comfort and safety in various work environments. Whether it's on floors, workbenches, or entire production lines, this matting roll provides the perfect amount of padding to offer versatile and long-lasting protection. Our Anti-Fatigue Matting is a no-frills solution, designed to prioritize safety, comfort, and protection for your feet. It creates more comfortable conditions for workers, guarding against fatigue to enhance concentration and productivity.

The anti-slip surface makes it an excellent choice for fast-paced, high-traffic areas, both in wet and dry locations. With its oil and grease resistant properties, this matting roll provides a secure grip, reducing the risk of slips and falls in busy workspaces. Safety benefits, this ultra-versatile matting roll has a padded design that offers insulation from cold floors and helps reduce noise levels in the workspace.

Our Rubber Matting Roll is made from the finest raw materials, ensuring its durability and performance. It also provides partial insulation against electric shocks, enhancing safety in electrical work environments. Available in a width of 1000mm, this matting roll comes in 1m lengths or 10m rolls, offering flexibility to suit your specific requirements. Choose from various thickness options, including 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, and 10mm, to meet the demands of your workspace. With its basic black finish and traditional 3mm thick standard grade, Slip-Not's Rubber Matting Roll is a reliable and practical choice for any workspace


Width (m) 0.9m, 1m, 1.2m & 2m
Length (m) 10m & 5m
Thickness (mm) 3mm, 4mm, 6mm & 10mm
Colour Black
Material Rubber

Anti Slip

Rubber Matting Roll


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