Rustic Red Rubber Mulch - 500kg Bag for 25m² of Decorative Ground Cover

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Enhance the beauty and functionality of your outdoor areas with Rustic Redwood Rubber Chippings from Professional Rubber Surfaces. This 500kg bag is designed to cover approximately 25m², offering a durable and attractive solution for landscaping and decorative projects.

Key Features of Rustic Redwood Rubber Chippings

1. Natural Appeal: Crafted from high-quality recycled rubber, Rustic Redwood Rubber Chippings boast a natural, earthy color that blends seamlessly with various outdoor environments. Whether you're creating garden pathways, mulching around trees, or defining borders, these chippings add a touch of rustic charm.

2. Durability and Longevity: Engineered for durability, these chippings are resistant to weathering, UV rays, and moisture. They maintain their color and integrity over time, ensuring your landscape looks pristine with minimal maintenance.

3. Safety and Comfort: The soft, cushioned surface of rubber chippings provides a safe environment, especially for play areas where children may run and play. They help cushion falls, reducing the risk of injuries and making them an ideal choice for family-friendly spaces.

4. Eco-Friendly Choice: Choosing Rustic Redwood Rubber Chippings supports sustainable practices. Made from recycled materials, these chippings contribute to environmental conservation efforts while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your property.

5. Versatile Applications: From residential gardens to public parks, Rustic Redwood Rubber Chippings offer versatile applications. Use them for landscaping, ground cover, decorative accents, or as a safer alternative to traditional mulch.

Installation and Maintenance Tips


  • Prepare the area by clearing debris and leveling the ground.
  • Optionally, use a weed membrane to prevent weed growth and ensure long-term appearance.
  • Spread the chippings evenly to achieve a depth of approximately 40-50mm for optimal coverage and cushioning.


  • Periodically rake the surface to redistribute any displaced chippings and maintain uniform coverage.
  • Inspect for debris or organic matter that may accumulate and remove as needed.
  • Enjoy a low-maintenance landscape that retains its beauty throughout the seasons.

Rustic Red Rubber Mulch - 500kg Bag for 25m² of Decorative Ground Cover


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