Safety Mats Play Protect

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  • Minimum order quantity is 10 tiles.

The safety mats offer many benefits:

  • Safety tested in accordance with European Standard
  • Safety mats are maintenance free, all weather resistant and soundproof
  • Rubber slip resistant surface provides added protection
  • Structured backing allows for free water drainage, preventing water build up and logging
  • Insulation effect, ideal for cold weather
  • With different colour options available, these mats can be combined with one another to -create a wide range of designs and effects for your floor.
    Minimum order quantity is 10 tiles.

Application uses include

  • Children's playgrounds
  • Sporting facilities
  • School playgrounds
  • Fitness centres
  • Swimming pools
  • Garages
  • And many more

Size Chart :


1m x 1m x 30m




Square Tiles


30 mm


Anti-Slip, Insulation, Protection

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Safety Mats for Play and Protect, a top-tier flooring solution designed to enhance safety and protection in various settings. Tested to comply with European Standards, these mats are built with your well-being in mind. Safety mats are low maintenance, weather-resistant, and soundproof, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. The rubber surface is slip-resistant, providing an added layer of safety, while the structured backing ensures efficient water drainage to prevent water buildup. These mats are particularly well-suited for colder climates, offering comfort even during chilly weather. Available in different colors, you can mix and match to create a floor that complements your space beautifully.

Ideal for children's playgrounds, sporting facilities, school playgrounds, fitness centers, swimming pools, garages, and more, these safety mats are versatile and highly effective in providing safety and protection. Each tile measures 1m x 1m and has a thickness of 30mm, ensuring a sturdy and reliable flooring solution. With their anti-slip, insulating, and protective characteristics, these mats are a must-have addition to any space prioritizing safety.

Safety Mats Play Protect


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